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Present @ Berlinale 2020

Still from the film Red Moon tide by Lois Patiño Feature Film

Red Moon Tide [Lúa vermella]

A village in the Galician coast. Time seems to stand still. Everybody is paralysed in a reflexive posture while nature and animals move freely. However, we can still hear people talking and moving, as if they were in a parallel dimension. The feeling is like being in a limbo full of spectres. Three women show up, they seem to be able to move between those two dimensions. These women are trying to find Rubio, an experienced diver that has recently disappeared.

A Storm was coming Feature Film

A Storm was coming

In 1904, Ësáasi Eweera, the last native Bubi leader who opposed the Spanish rule at the current island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, was detained by colonial guards and died three days later. By reenacting written texts through voiceovers, taping and studying native oral accounts and identifying historically charged sites, A Storm Was Coming reflects on the gaps, contradictions and falsehoods that colonial history is built upon.

Still from the film Schoolgirls Feature Film

Schoolgirls[Las niñas]

Celia, 11-year-old girl, studies in a nuns school in Zaragoza and lives with her mother. Brisa, a new companion recently arrived from Barcelona, pushes her towards a new stage in her life: adolescence. On this trip, in the Spain of the Expo and the 1992 Olympic Games, Celia discovers that life is made of many truths and some lies.

Still from the film Panthers Short Film

Panthers [Panteres]

Joana and Nina, two 13-year-old girls, live in Barcelona trapped in the contradictions of female puberty in the first world. The first one, bubbly and brazen, has vital questions about female gender. Both are women of their time and culture: social networks, immediacy and excesses. Today, Joana has decided to put an end to her existential angst, devising a game in which she will involve her friend Nina. That decisive moment of puberty will change something in each of them forever.


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