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A digital catalogue of the recent and oustanding feature and short films in promotion by the Spanish Film Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA).

A Storm was coming - Javier Fernández Vázquez

Javier Fernández Vázquez


Vegeu-ne mésacerca de Carrusel...

Entre perro y Lobo - Irene Gutiérrez

Irene Gutiérrez


Vegeu-ne mésacerca de Carrusel...

Still from the film Red moon tide

Red Moon Tide - Lois Patiño

Vegeu-ne mésacerca de Carrusel...

Still for Schoolgirls

Schoolgirls - Pilar Palomero

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Still from the short film Panteres

Panthers - Èrika Sánchez Marcos

Vegeu-ne mésacerca de Carrusel...


Celluloid Nymphs Feature Film

Celluloid Nymphs [Las ninfas del celuloide]

8th of March. All around the world, women mobilise against gender violence. In Mexico, a group of women reunite to tell their story; at the end of the seventies, they created the ‘Cine Mujer’ collective and produced films during a 10 year period: gender violence, rape, feminicide, clandestine abortion, discrimination, are all still current issues in modern, 21st century societies like Mexico but if we go one step further, we could say that they are present worldwide.

Baby Feature Film


A young upper-class girl, drug addict and failed, gives birth totally alone in the middle of one her breakdowns. Unable to give proper care to her newborn child, she finally sells him to a disturbing woman who works in the child trade business. The young girl will soon regret her decision and she will try to get her baby back. But to do so, she will have to overcome her weaknesses and face her deepest fears.

Ane Feature Film


Basque Country. 2009. After a riot due to the imminent expropiation of some residential buildings, Lide, a Young mother who works as a security guard in the controversial high-speed train constructions, finds out that her teenager daughter, Ane, has not come back home to sleep. Together with her ex-husband, Lide will set out to discover the whereabouts of her daughter, and she will also inmerse herself into Ane´s world, and realise that she had been living with a stranger.

Crónica de una tormenta Feature Film

Crónica de una tormenta

An important newspaper editor needs to choose his next successor. This decision will end up being a dangerous sexual and power game.

Courage Feature Film

Courage [Coraje]

A 74-year-old actress with an eye disease that is leaving her legally blind, fears she will lose her place at the theater company she belongs to. This coincides with the arrival of her 50-year-old son, who has come home in an attempt to recover from alcoholism. The personal crisis of each character leads them to find themselves as mother/son for the first time in their lives.

The Loved Ones Feature Film

The Loved Ones [Ama-das]

Idoia, Rosa, Pili and Eva have a special way of being in the world: they live with some kind of disability. They live in a context where gender violence has entered the scene and has increased disability and in some cases, has provoked it. They live with a question that always runs through their minds, ‘Will we be loved someday?’

The Dream of Black Gold Feature Film

The Dream of Black Gold [El sueño del oro negro]

The Dream of Black Gold aims to rekindle a moment in history and teach what it meant on June 6, 1964 when oil first sprouted in the Páramo de La Lora (Burgos), composing it through a trip inside the memories of one of its direct witnesses: Marco Antonio Manjón, the common thread of the testimonies of former workers, the historian Miguel Ángel Moreno, the mayor of Sargentes de La Lora Carlos Gallo and the parish priest.

The Blameless Feature Film

The Blameless [Los inocentes]

The police busts a concert at a squat and an officer diez during the riots that follow. A rock bursts his head. Who threw that rock? Who knows about it? Why don’t they speak up? This is the story of those who live knowing the answer. It is the story of their silence, their fear and their guilt.

Uncertain Journey Feature Film

Uncertain Journey [Camino Incierto, carta a Naomi Kawase]

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pedro Costa, Manoel de Oliveira, Luis Miñarro, and I, we all take part in this filmed letter addressed to Naomi Kawase. Facing –as a citizen and as a filmmaker– the identity crisis that floods Europe, I tell Naomi that, thousands of miles away from Japan, my grandmother María reminded me of her great-aunt Uno Kawase, and that my 4 year-old daughter, Alicia, stares happily at the clouds somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do care to remember: Fuente Álamo.

Unfortunate Stories Feature Film

Unfortunate Stories [Historias lamentables]

Four unfortunate stories whose characters are unknowingly intertwined. Mr. Horacio surprises his guests with his unexpected reaction to their gift. Bermejo tries to reach the coast, but unforeseen events drive him inland. Tina and Ayoub, a young immigrant, begin an unexpected relationship that Will change both their lives. After being caught embezzling, Alipio resorts to a company that specialises in creating alibis. But, more than anyone, the strategy will surprise Alipio himself.


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