Presentation of the Archives section

These pages offer:

  • general and basic information on the services, document collections and activities of each of the archives managed by the Ministry, accompanied by videos, tours and virtual exhibitions;
  • resources for professionals in archives and other related disciplines, specialised researchers, students or the general public: archivist resources and internet publications, archivist legislation and regulations, administrative or legal records, links to other archives or other information resources.

Archive related aid and international programmes developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport are also published.

Several databases may be consulted online:

related to archive networks:

  • Spanish Archives Portal (PARES)
  • Census-Guide to Spanish and Latin American Archives
  • Guides to Documentary Sources
  • Historical Legislation of Spain
  • Archive Libraries Catalogue

specific to a centre:

  • Soldiers and Members of the Public Order Forces serving the Republic
  • Dead and Missing Members of the Republican Army.

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