Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

Atrapados en
blanco y negro


Album of photographs of the Spanish Royal Family during the reign of Alfonso XIII. Decade of the 1920s. MENDIGORRÍA, C. 440, D. 129.

Among the little treasures held in the Nobility Archive are hundreds of old photographs, fragments of many lives trapped in black and white, which in days gone by belonged to the Spanish nobility and evoke a universe of aristocratic and day labourer customs, landscapes and people, wars and scenes of day-to-day life.

Nothing escaped the curious gaze of the pioneer photographers: social celebrations, peasant chores, urban corners, palaces and mines, children and the elderly. Life and death pass before their old cameras, offering a motley kaleidoscope of faces, gestures and scenes, natural or imagined, captured by artists, professionals and amateurs over several generations. A rich legacy that is meant to reach the broad public, enabling all to consider the things that changed and those that remained the same over the decisive century between 1845-1945.

Fragments of a lost world that, for the first time, is exhibited for all to see in the permanent Exhibition Room of the Nobility Section at the National Historical Archive during the second half of 2007 and in a virtual exhibition hosted on the Ministry of Culture's web page.

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