Introduction to the Stage Arts and Music area

In this section, the State Secretariat for Culture provides information on the entity and the resources for promoting, supporting and disseminating everything related to Stage Arts: dance, theatre, music and the circus in Spain.

From this page users can access:

  • General information on the National Stage Arts and Music Institute (INAEM), which is responsible for co-ordinating and developing the programmes related to music, dance, theatre and the circus for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • Artistic production, exhibition and training centres that are under the responsibility of the State Secretariat for Culture. Information on each of these centres.
  • The Dance Portal. Everything related to this discipline: shows, choreography, resources guide, notices, articles, who's who, etc.
  • Festivals. Dedicated to the different aspects of musical, theatre or dance culture in which the INAEM sponsors, supports or collaborates together with other institutions and entities.
  • Awards. Organised by the INAEM and Gold Medals awarded annually by the State Secretariat for Culture in recognition of outstanding people or activities in theatre, music, dance and the circus.
  • Publications. Such as the «En Escena» Bulletin.  
  • Tools. Such as online ticket sales.

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