Permission for the use of protected works and services

Do I need authorisation to use published works and services? Yes. The use of works or services requires authorisation from the holders of the rights. However, there are some limited exceptions, stated in articles 31 to 40 bis of the law, for which such authorisation is not necessary.

Do I need an authorisation to use works and services present on the internet?Yes. The public dissemination of works and services on the internet does not imply that the holder of the rights has waived the right to authorise the use of the work or service, nor declined to obtain compensation.

Do I also require authorisation when I exchange protected works and services with peer-to-peer (P2P) programs?The peer-to-peer programs have raised doubts as to their possible legality or illegality. Without entering into the controversy that they may provoke, it is should be noted that their functioning does imply carrying out a series of acts that involve usage rights, which, if not authorised by the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Act.

How can I get authorisation to use works and services?One way is to get in touch with the holders of the rights and to request authorisation. In the case of certain works or services, you may contact the collective management entities of intellectual property rights.
Link to "Collective management entities of intellectual property rights"

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