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NAPLE Sister Libraries

Sister Libraries is a cooperation program of the NAPLE Forum that enables that public libraries in the countries of the European Union get in touch in order to project joint activities.

The program offers the Public Libraries in Europe a platform where they could easily get to know each other and at the same time that’s a place where they could both showcase the activities they develop –with their sister libraries or by themselves alone- and be a source of library activities so anybody can visit us and find inspiration. The tools we use to achieve this are a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

The program has three main goals:

  • To become a reference resource for Best Practices in the field of cooperation between Public Libraries.
  • To promote the activities developed at the Public Libraries so they can make an impact at an international level.
  • To become a platform for partner searching. This requires a solid network of active Public Libraries that are used to cooperate with others

NAPLE Sister Libraries blog Nueva ventana @NAPLESisLib Twitter NAPLE Sister Libraries Facebook

Annual reports

Report 2018 PDF

Report 2019 PDF


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