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Land of Milk and Honey Feature Film

Land of Milk and Honey [Tierra de Leche y Miel]

Mirsada and her daughter struggle to subsist on a collective centre in Sarajevo. In Tblisi, Bela works recovering missing bodies from the war, whereas children assume their move to the new home. And in a small village from Greece, a Syrian married couple await their daughter. An intimate and observational portrait of characters displaced by war who, in their held existence, inhabit the same geography marked by the passing of time and expectations.

Shooting for Mirza Feature Film

Shooting for Mirza

Twenty years after the war Danko struggles to support his family in a Sarajevo in crisis. His son is going to be born on the anniversary of his dad’s death, Mirza Delibašić, a deceased basketball legend. Danko starts an emotional journey to re-discover his dad, digging deeper in their relationship and discovering some aspects that he didn’t know about his particular and controversial personality.

Transoceánicas Feature Film


Transoceánicas follows the life of two filmmakers for four years. A coming and going from the past to the present, from the city remembered to the city lived. Cinema, friendship and poetry between two continents.

The Odd-Job Men Feature Film

The Odd-Job Men [Sis dies corrents]

A curious team of plumbers has to deal with a number of customers, each one more eccentric than the previous one. Their common profession becomes a comical and surreal experience.

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo Feature Film

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo is a documentary where an eccentric character employs unusual research efforts to reveal the true story behind the hot pink queen of kitsch, the pink flamingo. In his hilarious attempt to unravel this sociocultural phenomenon, the protagonist gathers together theories and interpretations from a bizarre selection of sources that eventually leads him to discover the powerful influence that these birds have on the world that surrounds us.

The Loved Ones Feature Film

The Loved Ones [Ama-das]

Idoia, Rosa, Pili and Eva have a special way of being in the world: they live with some kind of disability. They live in a context where gender violence has entered the scene and has increased disability and in some cases, has provoked it. They live with a question that always runs through their minds, ‘Will we be loved someday?’

The Dream of Black Gold Feature Film

The Dream of Black Gold [El sueño del oro negro]

The Dream of Black Gold aims to rekindle a moment in history and teach what it meant on June 6, 1964 when oil first sprouted in the Páramo de La Lora (Burgos), composing it through a trip inside the memories of one of its direct witnesses: Marco Antonio Manjón, the common thread of the testimonies of former workers, the historian Miguel Ángel Moreno, the mayor of Sargentes de La Lora Carlos Gallo and the parish priest.

Uncertain Journey Feature Film

Uncertain Journey [Camino Incierto, carta a Naomi Kawase]

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pedro Costa, Manoel de Oliveira, Luis Miñarro, and I, we all take part in this filmed letter addressed to Naomi Kawase. Facing –as a citizen and as a filmmaker– the identity crisis that floods Europe, I tell Naomi that, thousands of miles away from Japan, my grandmother María reminded me of her great-aunt Uno Kawase, and that my 4 year-old daughter, Alicia, stares happily at the clouds somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do care to remember: Fuente Álamo.

We’ve Got the Night (a Journey Toward the Will to Live) Feature Film

We’ve Got the Night (a Journey Toward the Will to Live) [Nos queda la noche (un viaje al querer vivir)]

A filmmaker decides to disappear when he finds out that his work as a documentalist has lost its meaning. Essay about the gaze in a world saturate of images.

Celluloid Nymphs Feature Film

Celluloid Nymphs [Las ninfas del celuloide]

8th of March. All around the world, women mobilise against gender violence. In Mexico, a group of women reunite to tell their story; at the end of the seventies, they created the ‘Cine Mujer’ collective and produced films during a 10 year period: gender violence, rape, feminicide, clandestine abortion, discrimination, are all still current issues in modern, 21st century societies like Mexico but if we go one step further, we could say that they are present worldwide.

Isis Widows Feature Film

Isis Widows

Sevinaz (27, Syria) holds a writing workshop for western ISIS women at a detention camp, hoping that confronting them with their traumatic life choices will bring about change. But Sevinaz lost loved ones in the war against ISIS and fears being shunned by the survivors for fraternizing with the ‘enemy’.

If I Keep Silent Feature Film

If I Keep Silent [Isiltzen banaiz]

This film talks about the relationship between artist, the creator, his work, and the audience that enjoys it. Through the portrait of a musician, in the context of his last world tour, with which he closes 25 years on stage. Deep down, we see a critique of the world we have created, which separates us from who we really are and what we feel, and from this precise moment.

Fantasía Feature Film


Amaia and Aitor are siblings and they will turn 50 soon. They have no children. They both have lived, since they were very young, far from their parents, Kontxi and Iñaki, who are already retired. The siblings’ rooms at the family home have been preserved as if they were still living there. One summer, the whole family go together on a cruise, on a huge ship called Fantasía.

División de Honor Feature Film

División de Honor

In 2008 a wheelchair basketball team struggles to stay in the ‘División de Honor’ (Premier League). In 2018 we see how each character has followed his own path in life, pursuing their dreams, and the different roles basketball has played in their lives. División de Honor is a ensemble story about some extraordinary athletes who don’t give up fighting for their dreams every day.

Oh Dear Sara Feature Film

Oh Dear Sara [Querida Sara]

A film-exploration of the filmmaker’s journey to discover Sara Bahai, the first female taxi driver in Afghanistan. The preconceived character of Sara is intensively deconstructed throughout the film. The camera slowly settles down to portrait this encounter resulting into a filmed selfstorytelling of Sara Bahai’s life.

Nomadic Loves Feature Film

Nomadic Loves [Amores trashumantes]

It is June in the warm and dry Ribera, in Navarra. Fran, as every year, takes his sheep to the fresh meadows of the Pyrenees, on the border with France. In September it goes down again. Fran reflects on his loneliness. The welfare of the sheep is above his own needs for human contact. He worries about the future of transhumance. Since this millenniaold lifestyle may be bout to disappear, Fran explores new possibilities to continue living in contact with nature.

The Man Who Designed Spain Feature Film

The Man Who Designed Spain [El hombre que diseñó España]

The Man Who Designed Spain is a documentary film about Jose María Cruz Novillo, artist and designer of most of Spain´s institutional image after Franco, such as the National Railway Company logo, the National Police Shield, some of the peseta bills, the National Post Office, the Socialist Party, etc… Through Cruz Novillo´s work as a designer and as an artist we follow Spain´s modernization since the end of Franco´s dictatorship until the present days.

The Year of the Discovery Feature Film

The Year of the Discovery [El año del descubrimiento]

Neighbors, youngsters and unemployed workers chat inside a bar between cigarettes, breakfast and snacks. They remember unusual dreams, share job stories and plan future projects. The bar is located in the city of Cartagena, in the southeast of Spain. As the day goes on, the riots from the industrial crisis of 1992 are heard more and more closely.

Still from the documentary film Salka in the No Man’s Land Feature Film

Salka in the No Man’s Land [Salka en la tierra de nadie]

Salka is a young Mauritanian who lives in the Zuárate region, in the north of the country, who does not accept her future. She decides to leave the country and take the Sahara train disguised as a boy.The SNIM train, known as the desert or Sahara train, becomes the main thread of the film. The bay of Nouabidhou, is the center of the exits of the local Cayucos in search of a new life in the Canary Islands.

Still from the movie Role & Role Feature Film

Role & Role [Rol & Rol]

Role & Role analyzes women’s image in the media and how underrepresentation of contents by women or about women and the perpetuation of stereotyped role models conditions how men and women perceive women in society. Can a less stereotyped and more real representation positively influence viewing the woman as a leader and the construction of a more equal society?

Still from the film Outskirts Feature Film

Outskirts [Perifèria]

A portrait of the outskirts of the city of Barcelona. An urban symphony that starts from the buried memory of the People’s Plan of Santa Coloma, a neighborhood urban plan that was buried after the cruelest attack by the terrorist band ETA.

Still from the documentary movie Native Rock Feature Film

Native Rock [Pedra pàtria]]

Rocks of four colors compose the landscape of Menorca. A journey from the darkest of the rocks to the lightest will guide the narrator on his impossible journey back to his original land: an island that is sinking, inhabited by his younger brother, who has decided to remain there.

Still from the documentary film Marcelono the best clown in the world Feature Film

Marceline, the Best Clown in the World [Marcelino, el mejor payaso del mundo]

How many Spanish artists have been the best in the world in their discipline during 15 years? Picasso, Cervantes, Velázquez. Marcelino Orbés was the best clown in the world from 1900 to 1914, triumphing in London and New York. He was the best and most acclaimed by the public in the largest entertainment industry.

Still from the film La Mami featuring Patricia Franquesa Feature Film

La mami

After working for more than 40 years in the nightlife, Doña Olga is now La Mami, the caretaker of the women restroom at the mythical Cabaret Barba Azul. Night after night, she takes care of the dancers working at the flow of live music. This restroom is a trusting bubble inside Barba Azul. Today there is a new woman arriving at the restroom. She has a sick son and needs to work.

Still from the Film Chhaupadi Feature Film


In the most remote and isolated Nepal there is still a sexist tradition. Women, when they have the period, are separated from the community. They are considered impure. Even less can they climb a mountain, the gods could get angry. To attract attention to this injustice, Edurne Pasaban joins an expedition in which five young women from the region intend to climb the sacred mountain Saipal.

Arzak. Since 1897 Feature Film

Arzak. Since 1897

The ARZAK house was built in 1987 and since then three generations of cooks have passed through, making it a reference point in world gastronomy. The best-known member of the family, Juan Mari Arzak, will tell us the inner secrets of the ARZAK restaurant and we’ll see how it’s passed on to Elena, the fourth generation. It’s a key moment to weigh things up, to look back at the past and imagine the future.

Still from the film Entre Perro y Lobo Feature Film

Entre perro y Lobo

Amongst the climate of change in today’s Cuba, three forgotten veterans of the Angolan War are reluctant to abandon the revolutionary spirit which brought them together as comrades. Marching to the top of the mountains, they continue to train, dressed in their old uniforms, just as they did over thirty years ago. Day after day, they take part in this this ritual, as they attempt to return to a time when they felt young, strong and respected. They are The Last Samurai of the Cuban Revolution.

A Storm was coming Feature Film

A Storm was coming

In 1904, Ësáasi Eweera, the last native Bubi leader who opposed the Spanish rule at the current island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, was detained by colonial guards and died three days later. By reenacting written texts through voiceovers, taping and studying native oral accounts and identifying historically charged sites, A Storm Was Coming reflects on the gaps, contradictions and falsehoods that colonial history is built upon.

Video Blues Feature Film

Video Blues

Provocative and mysterious homemade images from the 80’s, two voices, a woman and a man argue about what these images mean, two opinions about her past. Emma reconstructs her family history through these videos searching for meaning and identity, to rediscover a life that is obscured from her. Through this process she confronts the ghosts of her past and invites the viewer to be complicit in her voyeuristic search for her identity, but who is this voice that disagrees and why is it so important?

The Painting Feature Film

The Painting [El cuadro]

The enigma of Las Meninas has remained hidden sin ce the day vlázquez made his last brushstroke three and a half centuries go. Can we unravel its mystery? The plot unfolds in the ormer Hall of Las Meninas in the Prado Museum, a stage where he discovery of El Cuadro takes place like a ‘perfect crime’. pposite the painting hung a mirror.

Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy Feature Film

Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy

‘Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy’ is not just a documentary about the life of one of the greatest figures in the history of flamenco, it is a reflection on art, dedication, commitment, values, fear, passion, freedom, God, man… life, from the prism of an unfathomable soul, deep and sensitive, caressed and beaten, tanned throughout a lifetime seeking its most perfect, transcendent and divine expression.

Inland Feature Film

Inland [Meseta]

With an observational tone and an almost surreal manner, Inland proposes a sensorial trip through the empty territory of Spain.

Glittering Misfits Feature Film

Glittering Misfits

Burlesque is the new punk rock according to Dirty Martini and Tigger!, stars of the New York City’s Off-Off Broadway underground scene. Transgression, performance, humor, sex and political satire from the magic and wild side of the city that never sleeps.

Flowers in the Dustbin Feature Film

Flowers in the Dustbin [Flores en la basura]

Flores en la basura mix a dynamic edition: The look of national and international analysts (Iñaki Gabilondo, Antonio Garrigues, Almudena Grandes, Javier Gomá, Marta Flich, Sami Naïr, Susan George, Marcos de Quinto; Emilio Ontiveros, among others); and the powerful experiences of the real main characters of the film: the anonymous. It is a portrait of Recent Spain that gives voice to voiceless people.

Cholitas Feature Film


Five Bolivian indigenous women are involved in a unique expedition. As a symbol of liberation and empowerment, they propose to climb the highest mountain in America. Their image is amazing: they climb wearing their traditional skirt. They are more than climbers, they are brave women who find in the mountain a space to feel free, happy and alive. Their adventure will show the world an inspiring way to be a woman, to live tradition and to relate to Mother Nature.


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