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New Spanish Films

A digital catalogue of the recent and oustanding feature and short films in promotion by the Spanish Film Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA).

A Storm was coming - Javier Fernández Vázquez

Javier Fernández Vázquez


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Entre perro y Lobo - Irene Gutiérrez

Irene Gutiérrez


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Still from the film Red moon tide

Red Moon Tide - Lois Patiño

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Still for Schoolgirls

Schoolgirls - Pilar Palomero

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Still from the short film Panteres

Panthers - Èrika Sánchez Marcos

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Life Was That Feature Film

Life Was That [La vida era eso]

In May 2011, María and Verónica, two Spanish emigrants from different generations, coincide in a hospital room in Belgium and start a peculiar relationship. An unexpected event Will lead María to travel to the south of Spain, without telling her own family, in search of Verónica’s mother. Unforeseen circumstances and some strange encounters will make her question her most deeply rooted principles and also the real meaning of the journey.

Libertad Feature Film


When Libertad bursts into Nora’s life during her summer holidays, something changes for this naive girl. This new and intense friendship between both girls from very opposite backgrounds will mark the transition to adolescence for Nora Vidal.

Last Days of Spring Feature Film

Last Days of Spring [Last Days of Spring / La última primavera]

Spanish family Gabarre-Mendoza is celebrating a birthday, when interrupted by a police inspection. In La Cañada Real, a shanty town outside Madrid, the inhabitants have to leave their illegal homes. Their neighbors and friends are the first to be evicted. Each family member struggles with the uncertainty. When they receive a letter of eviction, they pack up everything they own and move. Before going separate ways, the family gathers at a fast-food restaurant - their resilience is tangible.

Land of Milk and Honey Feature Film

Land of Milk and Honey [Tierra de Leche y Miel]

Mirsada and her daughter struggle to subsist on a collective centre in Sarajevo. In Tblisi, Bela works recovering missing bodies from the war, whereas children assume their move to the new home. And in a small village from Greece, a Syrian married couple await their daughter. An intimate and observational portrait of characters displaced by war who, in their held existence, inhabit the same geography marked by the passing of time and expectations.

Sky High Feature Film

Sky High [Hasta el cielo]

The day Angel met Estrella, he didn’t know that his life was about to change. Poli wasn’t prepared to let Angel steal his girlfriend from him. However, he encouraged him to join his gang of criminals in order to plunder the best jewelry shops. Thanks to Angel’s robbing skills, he and his new partners will accomplish ambitious goals. But there´s always the prospect of a more profitable burglary in sight. Thus, he gets caught in a spiral of crimes that will lead him to Hell… or to Heaven: Sky High!

Shooting for Mirza Feature Film

Shooting for Mirza

Twenty years after the war Danko struggles to support his family in a Sarajevo in crisis. His son is going to be born on the anniversary of his dad’s death, Mirza Delibašić, a deceased basketball legend. Danko starts an emotional journey to re-discover his dad, digging deeper in their relationship and discovering some aspects that he didn’t know about his particular and controversial personality.

Rosa’s Wedding Feature Film

Rosa’s Wedding [La boda de Rosa]

Rosa, about to turn 45, realizes that she has always lived for others, so she decides to shake things up, leave it all and press the nuclear button. She wants to grab hold of the reins of her life and fulfill her dream of having her own business. But she soon discovers that her father, her siblings and her daughter have their own agenda, and that changing her life is going to be anything but easy since it is not in the family ‘script’.

Olvido & Leon Feature Film

Olvido & Leon [Olvido y León]

After fifteen years, Olvido has accepted that her problem is not her twin brother, León, who has Down Syndrome. She could abandon him, but she has accepted that her problem involves powers unknown to her which she cannot properly identify, although she senses their presence. Powers that weave, like a spider, a web of social and personal discontent.

Transoceánicas Feature Film


Transoceánicas follows the life of two filmmakers for four years. A coming and going from the past to the present, from the city remembered to the city lived. Cinema, friendship and poetry between two continents.

The Sea Beyond Feature Film

The Sea Beyond [Un mundo normal]

Ernesto, an eccentric and nonconformist theatre director, learns about his mother’s passing. On the way to the cemetery, he steals the coffin so that he can honour her wishes by throwing her body into the ocean. His daughter, tired of his crazy stunts, will accompany him to try and change his mind. During the journey, she will discover that her father is far from crazy and that one should always be true to oneself, even if it sometimes means going against everybody else’s opinion.


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