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A digital catalogue of the recent and oustanding feature and short films in promotion by the Spanish Film Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA).

A Storm was coming - Javier Fernández Vázquez

Javier Fernández Vázquez


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Entre perro y Lobo - Irene Gutiérrez

Irene Gutiérrez


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Still from the film Red moon tide

Red Moon Tide - Lois Patiño

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Still for Schoolgirls

Schoolgirls - Pilar Palomero

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Still from the short film Panteres

Panthers - Èrika Sánchez Marcos

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It Snows in Benidorm Feature Film

It Snows in Benidorm [Nieva en Benidorm]

It Snows in Benidorm is a quirky thriller set in this kitschy Spanish seaside resort packed with Blackpool hooligans, retirees, smugglers, Elvis impersonators and excess where anything is possible. An exciting setting to witness the late blooming of a quiet middle aged man looking for his missing brother.

Isis Widows Feature Film

Isis Widows

Sevinaz (27, Syria) holds a writing workshop for western ISIS women at a detention camp, hoping that confronting them with their traumatic life choices will bring about change. But Sevinaz lost loved ones in the war against ISIS and fears being shunned by the survivors for fraternizing with the ‘enemy’.

Illegal Woman Feature Film

Illegal Woman [La dona il·legal]

The life of an immigration lawyer changes radically when his new client is found dead in suspicious circumstances inside an immigration detention center.

If I Keep Silent Feature Film

If I Keep Silent [Isiltzen banaiz]

This film talks about the relationship between artist, the creator, his work, and the audience that enjoys it. Through the portrait of a musician, in the context of his last world tour, with which he closes 25 years on stage. Deep down, we see a critique of the world we have created, which separates us from who we really are and what we feel, and from this precise moment.

Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy Feature Film

Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy

‘Manolo Sanlúcar, The Legacy’ is not just a documentary about the life of one of the greatest figures in the history of flamenco, it is a reflection on art, dedication, commitment, values, fear, passion, freedom, God, man… life, from the prism of an unfathomable soul, deep and sensitive, caressed and beaten, tanned throughout a lifetime seeking its most perfect, transcendent and divine expression.

Inland Feature Film

Inland [Meseta]

With an observational tone and an almost surreal manner, Inland proposes a sensorial trip through the empty territory of Spain.

Heroic Losers Feature Film

Heroic Losers [La odisea de los giles]

Ricardo and Chino Darín come together for the first time as a father-son acting duo in Heroic Losers, a heist dramedy that plays on the most basic human instinct: getting back what’s yours. With William Wyler’s How to Steal a Million as a guide, Sebastian Borensztein (Chinese Take-Away) directs what has become the Argentinian film of the year.

Feature Film


Feature Film


Feature Film



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