Databases and document source guide

Portal de Archivos Españoles

Spanish Archives Portal (PARES)

Database of descriptions and image banks of documents held in the Archives, in addition to up-to-date information on the content available.

Censo-Guía de Archivos de España e Iberoamérica

Census-Guide to Spanish and Latin American Archives

Electronic guide to the public and private archives and collections of Spain and Latin America.

Red de Bibliotecas de los Archivos Estatales (REBAE)

Collective catalogue for the CIDA libraries network and the National Archives managed by the Ministry of Culture

Catalogue of the bibliographical collections of the National Archive Libraries and the Archives Document Information Centre (CIDA), including references to magazine articles and miscellaneous publications.

Españoles deportados a campos nazis

Spaniards deported to Nazi camps

Provides information on the people who, between 1940 and 1945, were deported to different concentration camps. There are over 8,000 records.

Logotipo de la Guía de Fuentes Documentales

Documentary Sources Guide

Thematic database of documents from public and private archives of Spain and other European and Latin American countries.

Legislación Histórica de España

Historical Legislation of Spain

Database that provides access to historical legislation and regulations from the Middle Ages to the end of the Old Regime, for Spain and America, with access to a large number of digitised images.

Catálogo Monumental de España en Google Earth

Catálogo Monumental de España en Google Earth

Contiene una selección de imágenes conservadas en el Archvio General de la Administración que pueden ser visualizadas de manera muy atractiva a través de Google Earth.

Danzas de España

Danzas de España

Acceso a un total de doscientas treinta y cuatro filamaciones de Danzas realizadas por la Sección Femenina. El usuario puede moverse por el mapa de España y visualizar de manera rápida las grabaciones vinculadas a la región o localidad que se desee.

Other database projects

Members of the Armed Forces and Police Forces serving the 2nd Republic (1936-1939)

Database containing the changes in status and promotions of all military personnel that served the Republic, as published in the different official gazettes.

Dead or missing persons serving in the Republican Army (1936-1939)

Information on the individuals who were originators of the right to a pension due to death, disappearance or disability during the Civil War in the Republican Army.