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Life Was That Feature Film

Life Was That [La vida era eso]

In May 2011, María and Verónica, two Spanish emigrants from different generations, coincide in a hospital room in Belgium and start a peculiar relationship. An unexpected event Will lead María to travel to the south of Spain, without telling her own family, in search of Verónica’s mother. Unforeseen circumstances and some strange encounters will make her question her most deeply rooted principles and also the real meaning of the journey.

Libertad Feature Film


When Libertad bursts into Nora’s life during her summer holidays, something changes for this naive girl. This new and intense friendship between both girls from very opposite backgrounds will mark the transition to adolescence for Nora Vidal.

Last Days of Spring Feature Film

Last Days of Spring [Last Days of Spring / La última primavera]

Spanish family Gabarre-Mendoza is celebrating a birthday, when interrupted by a police inspection. In La Cañada Real, a shanty town outside Madrid, the inhabitants have to leave their illegal homes. Their neighbors and friends are the first to be evicted. Each family member struggles with the uncertainty. When they receive a letter of eviction, they pack up everything they own and move. Before going separate ways, the family gathers at a fast-food restaurant - their resilience is tangible.

Sky High Feature Film

Sky High [Hasta el cielo]

The day Angel met Estrella, he didn’t know that his life was about to change. Poli wasn’t prepared to let Angel steal his girlfriend from him. However, he encouraged him to join his gang of criminals in order to plunder the best jewelry shops. Thanks to Angel’s robbing skills, he and his new partners will accomplish ambitious goals. But there´s always the prospect of a more profitable burglary in sight. Thus, he gets caught in a spiral of crimes that will lead him to Hell… or to Heaven: Sky High!

Rosa’s Wedding Feature Film

Rosa’s Wedding [La boda de Rosa]

Rosa, about to turn 45, realizes that she has always lived for others, so she decides to shake things up, leave it all and press the nuclear button. She wants to grab hold of the reins of her life and fulfill her dream of having her own business. But she soon discovers that her father, her siblings and her daughter have their own agenda, and that changing her life is going to be anything but easy since it is not in the family ‘script’.

Olvido & Leon Feature Film

Olvido & Leon [Olvido y León]

After fifteen years, Olvido has accepted that her problem is not her twin brother, León, who has Down Syndrome. She could abandon him, but she has accepted that her problem involves powers unknown to her which she cannot properly identify, although she senses their presence. Powers that weave, like a spider, a web of social and personal discontent.

The Sea Beyond Feature Film

The Sea Beyond [Un mundo normal]

Ernesto, an eccentric and nonconformist theatre director, learns about his mother’s passing. On the way to the cemetery, he steals the coffin so that he can honour her wishes by throwing her body into the ocean. His daughter, tired of his crazy stunts, will accompany him to try and change his mind. During the journey, she will discover that her father is far from crazy and that one should always be true to oneself, even if it sometimes means going against everybody else’s opinion.

The Odd-Job Men Feature Film

The Odd-Job Men [Sis dies corrents]

A curious team of plumbers has to deal with a number of customers, each one more eccentric than the previous one. Their common profession becomes a comical and surreal experience.

The Blameless Feature Film

The Blameless [Los inocentes]

The police busts a concert at a squat and an officer diez during the riots that follow. A rock bursts his head. Who threw that rock? Who knows about it? Why don’t they speak up? This is the story of those who live knowing the answer. It is the story of their silence, their fear and their guilt.

Unfortunate Stories Feature Film

Unfortunate Stories [Historias lamentables]

Four unfortunate stories whose characters are unknowingly intertwined. Mr. Horacio surprises his guests with his unexpected reaction to their gift. Bermejo tries to reach the coast, but unforeseen events drive him inland. Tina and Ayoub, a young immigrant, begin an unexpected relationship that Will change both their lives. After being caught embezzling, Alipio resorts to a company that specialises in creating alibis. But, more than anyone, the strategy will surprise Alipio himself.

Until the End Feature Film

Until the End

Two members of the special forces and an eccentric antisocial fight against hordes of infected people to escort Dr. Allyson to the research center to synthesize the cure for the rage epidemic and save the world. While they wonder if mankind really deserves to be saved.

Venus Feature Film


In a little concert bar in 1970’s Paula and Miguel are about to perform the last show of their band for the last years: Venus. Forty years later Jorge arrives at the cafe where he spend his younger years. There he encounters Alicia. They remember the days when they met. Another girl arrives a the cafe. She carries a mysterious past that will reveal the secrets of the people who were part of the life of that place during the last decades changing Jorge’s and Alicia’s destiny.

Baby Feature Film


A young upper-class girl, drug addict and failed, gives birth totally alone in the middle of one her breakdowns. Unable to give proper care to her newborn child, she finally sells him to a disturbing woman who works in the child trade business. The young girl will soon regret her decision and she will try to get her baby back. But to do so, she will have to overcome her weaknesses and face her deepest fears.

Ane Feature Film


Basque Country. 2009. After a riot due to the imminent expropiation of some residential buildings, Lide, a Young mother who works as a security guard in the controversial high-speed train constructions, finds out that her teenager daughter, Ane, has not come back home to sleep. Together with her ex-husband, Lide will set out to discover the whereabouts of her daughter, and she will also inmerse herself into Ane´s world, and realise that she had been living with a stranger.

Crónica de una tormenta Feature Film

Crónica de una tormenta

An important newspaper editor needs to choose his next successor. This decision will end up being a dangerous sexual and power game.

Courage Feature Film

Courage [Coraje]

A 74-year-old actress with an eye disease that is leaving her legally blind, fears she will lose her place at the theater company she belongs to. This coincides with the arrival of her 50-year-old son, who has come home in an attempt to recover from alcoholism. The personal crisis of each character leads them to find themselves as mother/son for the first time in their lives.

It Snows in Benidorm Feature Film

It Snows in Benidorm [Nieva en Benidorm]

It Snows in Benidorm is a quirky thriller set in this kitschy Spanish seaside resort packed with Blackpool hooligans, retirees, smugglers, Elvis impersonators and excess where anything is possible. An exciting setting to witness the late blooming of a quiet middle aged man looking for his missing brother.

Illegal Woman Feature Film

Illegal Woman [La dona il·legal]

The life of an immigration lawyer changes radically when his new client is found dead in suspicious circumstances inside an immigration detention center.

Destello bravío Feature Film

Destello bravío

The inhabitants of a small rural town face the end of a traditional way of life. Their women suffer the worst consequences of a closed, masculinized and unfair society. One of them, Cita, feel trapped after a personal loss while trying to find ways to escape from her pain; María returns to the town where she was born to face loneliness; elegant ladies drink coffee in a strange room, one of them hears a shot in the distance that nobody else can hear.

Nora Feature Film


Nora is 30 years old and lives with her grandfather Nicolás. She writes the horoscope for the local magazine and takes care of her friend Meri’s children every day. Her life isn’t going as she pictured it. An unfortunate event turns into an opportunity for her, the death of his grandfather leaves her with a pile of cash and a Dyane 6. Nora sets off on a road trip along the Basque coast, with no set purpose, because sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself.

My Heart Goes Boom! Feature Film

My Heart Goes Boom! [Explota Explota]

In the 1970s, in a country still living under a grey dictatorial regime dominated by censorship, Maria, a young dancer, struggles to bring colour to the world and explore her freedom. As she pursues her dream of becoming a TV star, the journey is told through the greatest hits of the incomparable Raffaella Carrà.

Malnazidos Feature Film


Months of bloody combats leave behind thousands of dead in the trenches. Jan Lozano, Captain of the Fifth Brigade has fallen prisoner by an opponent’s platoon along with a young driver while carrying out a mission that has been entrusted to him. The possibility of dying executed will soon be overtaken when a new and unknown enemy arises. Both rival sides must unite and set their mutual hate aside in order to survive.

What Have We Done Wrong? Feature Film

What Have We Done Wrong? [¿Qué hicimos mal?]

Lili (36) has had a stable relationship for several years. Apparently everything works out but there is a subterranean unhappiness in her everyday life that prevents her from being happy. She’s already lived this feeling with his previous partners. So she decides she’ll find the reasons that lead her to that cyclical state. That’s why Lili is looking for three men who have been capitals in her life to interview them under the initial question: What did we do wrong?

The Offering Feature Film

The Offering [L’ofrena]

Violeta, a psychiatrist, receives an unforeseen visit from a new patient. It’s Rita, the wife of Jan, an old teenage love of Violeta that marked her life after abandoning her traumatically twenty years ago. Rita goes to Violeta’s office on the pretext of regaining her husband’s love. But Violeta doesn’t know that Rita’s visit is Jan’s first step in an obscure plan to rewrite his story.

The Plan Feature Film

The Plan [El plan]

Three unemployed friends have met to execute a plan, but their car has broken down. While they find another ride, they fight around the rise of different upsetting arguments. The upcoming truth of their personal miseries will end up changing their friendship forever. On the other hand, there is no time to loose. Every minute counts on the run to execute their plan.

The Wanderer Feature Film

The Wanderer [La viajante]

Angela has a life that wipes out in front of her eyes. Living in a routine that seems impossible to run away from until the moment she ventures herself on a journey through the remote lands, where she will discover a special interest filming insects on her mother’s camera while she deals with the unexpected and unknown impulses of her loneliness.

The Wedding Unplanner Feature Film

The Wedding Unplanner [Hasta que la boda nos separe]

Marina is a woman in her thirties who works organizing weddings. Not because she is an inveterate romantic just because, as she says, ‘when people are in love, they don’t care about money’. Unlike her customers, she enjoys a life without ties or commitments, until the moment when she falls in love with Carlos. The problem is not only he is about to get married, but also his fiancee is Marina’s childhood friend and they have hired her as their Wedding Planner.

Three Six Five Feature Film

Three Six Five [Tres Seis Cinco]

Inés is a stubborn and determined woman. She follows a dream in a stubborn way. Gradually the goal that has been imposed removes her from her loved ones and takes things to the limit, to walk on a knife edge, to wander through mental areas that she never imagined. Without options Ines is forced to continue her life on the street. She walks aimlessly. She looks for her place in an insensitive world. Marginality, harassment and contempt is her reality.

Wishlist Feature Film

Wishlist [La lista de los deseos]

The Wishlist is a film about the desire to live for brave and struggling women who embark on an emotional and physical journey that will change them forever. A trip where they laugh, cry and get excited in equal parts, because the important thing is not what they leave behind, it is all that will come ahead. A ‘road movie’ towards hope.

The Island of Lies by Paula Cons Feature Film

The Island of Lies [La isla de los secretos]

In 1921, the steamboat Santa Isabel was carrying 260 Spanish emigrants to America, when it sank just off the island of Salvora in Galicia, Spain. Only three women from the island came to help and managed to rescue 50 of the passengers. While the women are lauded as heroines, the suspicion that the accident was provoked starts to spread like wildfire.

The invisibles, a still from the movie by Garcia Querejeta Feature Film

The Invisible [Invisibles]

Every Thursday morning, Elsa, Julia and Amelia meet up to go for a walk before work. It is a time for them to catch up and talk about their concerns. Despite their differences and disagreements, there is something that bonds them: the age and burden they feel, knowing they are halfway through their lives. The sad feeling that the passing of time has pulled them out of their proper places and cornered them into a space where they feel disoriented, almost lost.

The Europeans a movie by Víctor García León Feature Film

The Europeans [Los Europeos]

Spain, late 1950s. Miguel and Antonio, two thirty-something bachelors, travel to Ibiza, attracted by the sexual myth of liberal women from other European countries and the promise of freedom. But, once on the island, nothing will be as they expected.

The end will be spectacular Feature Film

The End Will Be Spectacular [Ji bo Azadiyê]]

Zilan returns to her hometown looking for the traces of his dead brother, killed by the IS. In her hometown, people have risen to demand political autonomy and the police and army repress them with brutal force, escalating tensions up to a state of war. The city’s resistance will go on for more than 100 days and Zilan will not remain a passive witness. Based on the diaries of those who died fighting and the testimony of survivors, who enact the protagonists of the film.

The curse of the handsome man Feature Film

The Curse of the Handsome Man [La maldición del guapo]

A father and his estranged son become caught up in a tangled web of lies, where no one is who they claim to be. Will they manage to put the past behind them and rebuild their relationship?

Still from the first feature movie of the spanish director David Ilundáin Feature Film

One for All [Uno para todos]

An interim teacher assumes the task of being a sixth grade tutor in a town completely unknown to him. When he discovers that he has to reintegrate a sick student in the classroom, he finds an even bigger problem: none of his classmates wants him to return to class.

Still from the first movie Feature Film

One Careful Owner [El inconveniente]

When Sara is offered the chance to buy the house of her dreams, she can’t believe her luck. The house is light and airy, with spectacular views and extremely cheap. There’s just one ‘small’ snag: Lola, the 80-year old current owner, will remain living in it until she dies.

Still from the experimental film My Mexican Bretzel Feature Film

My Mexican Bretzel

‘Lies are just another way of telling the truth. The desire to believe is the hand of the man hanging from a cliff and clinging to the only stone that would seem to save him. But he always ends up falling because the stone is a mirage, just as the cliff is. Death is awakening from this dream in which the essential can be said and in which the continuous and infinite has a beginning, an end and a meaning’. — Paravadin Kanvar Kharjappali

Still from the film Cross the line, in the picture Mario Casas Feature Film

Cross the Line [No matarás]

Dani is an all-round good guy who has dedicated the last few years of his life to taking care of his sick father. After his dad passes away, he decides it’s time to get his own life back on track and buys a round-the-world ticket. But before his journey can get underway, he meets Mila, a young girl who is as attractive and sensual as she is disturbed and unstable. What starts out as a night of adventure quickly turns into a living nightmare, taking Dani to extremes he could never have imagined.

Still from the film Born a King by Agustí Villaronga Feature Film

Born a King

Born a King tells the extraordinary, true story of Faisal, the son of the first King of Saudi Arabia. In 1919, amidst the tense atmosphere following World War One, Faisal was sent to England on a diplomatic mission at age 13. It was precarious, 5-month long, political journey which would decide the future of his country.

Still for the film After the fire Feature Film

After the fire

After The Fire is a searing, sociopolitical drama set in a contemporary London that’s reeling from the aftermath of an avoidable tragedy. Miles has lost everything in the fire, including his beloved daughter. As a taxi driver on a zero-hour contract, he is at the mercy of a system rife with class division in a community assailed by indignities. He is a man on the edge, and it’s only a matter of time before he cracks.

While at War Feature Film

While at War [Mientras dure la guerra]

Alejandro Amenábar is back to directing in Spanish for the first time since his beloved Oscar-winning The Sea Inside. While at War is an intense emotional drama set in 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. A story about the past which urgently questions our present day and which is destined to be one of the key films of 2019.

Still from the film Red Moon tide by Lois Patiño Feature Film

Red Moon Tide [Lúa vermella]

A village in the Galician coast. Time seems to stand still. Everybody is paralysed in a reflexive posture while nature and animals move freely. However, we can still hear people talking and moving, as if they were in a parallel dimension. The feeling is like being in a limbo full of spectres. Three women show up, they seem to be able to move between those two dimensions. These women are trying to find Rubio, an experienced diver that has recently disappeared.

Still from the film Schoolgirls Feature Film

Schoolgirls[Las niñas]

Celia, 11-year-old girl, studies in a nuns school in Zaragoza and lives with her mother. Brisa, a new companion recently arrived from Barcelona, pushes her towards a new stage in her life: adolescence. On this trip, in the Spain of the Expo and the 1992 Olympic Games, Celia discovers that life is made of many truths and some lies.

Still from the film Panthers Short Film

Panthers [Panteres]

Joana and Nina, two 13-year-old girls, live in Barcelona trapped in the contradictions of female puberty in the first world. The first one, bubbly and brazen, has vital questions about female gender. Both are women of their time and culture: social networks, immediacy and excesses. Today, Joana has decided to put an end to her existential angst, devising a game in which she will involve her friend Nina. That decisive moment of puberty will change something in each of them forever.

The Perseids Feature Film

The Perseids [Les Perseides]

The local tales tale that a small town in Aragon was built on top of Spanish Civil War battlefield. Mar arrives at the town to spend the strangest summer of her life after her parents’ divorce. She takes refugee in these mysterious postwar tales and in a group of teenagers that function according to some rules that she doesn’t know about. She will discover a fascinating place and she will make peace with her dad, conciliating family ties with this country’s memorial history.

The Innocence Feature Film

The Innocence [La Inocencia]

Summer in a small Spanish Mediterranean village… friends, fun, fiestas and a whole load of dreams just waiting to come true. Lis will never be the same again, in this coming-of-age dramedy.

The Incredible Shrinking Wknd Feature Film

The Incredible Shrinking Wknd [El increíble finde menguante]

Alba is ready to enjoy a weekend in a cottage with her friends. But the events start looping again and again. Although something is different, each repetition lasts one hour less than the previous one. It is not infinite, but a countdown. What will happen to Alba when the time runs out?

The Crack: Inception Feature Film

The Crack: Inception [El crack cero]

Madrid, 1975. German Areta begins an investigation into the ‘suicide’ of a famous tailor. Despite his instinct telling him that people only kill for love or money, he will soon discover that there are many more motives and that more than one person wanted the tailor out of the way. Everything will come to a head when the investigation turns ‘personal’ for Areta.

Outside Feature Film

Outside [Sense sostre]

Joan, a homeless man who survives in the streets of Barcelona together with his inseparable dog Tuc, decides to abandon his routine of alcohol and violence and take on a superhuman journey to say goodbye to his ex-wife on her deathbed.

Heroic Losers Feature Film

Heroic Losers [La odisea de los giles]

Ricardo and Chino Darín come together for the first time as a father-son acting duo in Heroic Losers, a heist dramedy that plays on the most basic human instinct: getting back what’s yours. With William Wyler’s How to Steal a Million as a guide, Sebastian Borensztein (Chinese Take-Away) directs what has become the Argentinian film of the year.

Gods’ Hill Feature Film

Gods’ Hill [El cerro de los dioses]

Paula, a documentary filmmaker, researches about an influencer, an actress and an independent film director who have been invited to a festivity in a small town in Spain, where they will offer their souls to an ancient God to reach fame and success.

Das Kapital Feature Film

Das Kapital

A film shoot, two individuals, one place. A suprasensory story that gravitates between domination and desire

Bernard Feature Film


Hernán and Marie Christine are two brothers who live in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. Hernán is an architect, Christine is a health therapist. One day they receive a call informing that their father, who lives in France, is in the terminal phase of Alzheimer’s. They have to decide whether to go see him or not because he abandoned his mother a long time ago and they have not heard from him for years. They must make a decisión and soon.

Advantages of Travelling by Train Feature Film

Advantages of Travelling by Train [Ventajas de viajar en tren]

Helga Pato is approached during a train journey by psychiatrist Ángel Sanagustín, who tells her about one of his patients and the picturesque stories of those around him. A sordid but fascinating delirium, full of obsession, perversion, sarcasm, fun, dementia, sophistication… some of the advantages of travelling by train.

Karen Feature Film


She had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills… An intimate and demystifying portrait of Karen Blixen’s life in Kenya; with her faithful servant and Somali friend, Farah.


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