Management of Stage Arts and Music at the Ministry

The National Stage Arts and Music Institute (INAEM) is the State Secretariat for Culture entity responsible for co-ordinating and developing programmes related to theatre, dance, music and the circus.


  • To promote, protect and disseminate these areas.
  • To make them known abroad.
  • To co-ordinate communication among the Autonomous Communities in these matters.

The INAEM works in two broad areas:

Creation and direct promotion area

This includes the artistic creation, exhibition or documentary and technical centres that report to the INAEM, plus an area for seminars and small conferences: the Castillo de Magalia Palace.

Support area for public and private entities, companies and artistic groups

This is managed through the administrative units: artistic production, exhibition and training centres that are part of the State Secretariat for Culture.

It develops promotion and exhibition policy, both in Spain and abroad, for the stage arts and music.

It works in continuous collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments at the State Secretariat for Culture.Salto de línea

It distributes aid for the production, exhibition and national and international tour projects carried out by the INAEM each year.

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