Training programme for Latin American librarians in Spain 2010

Course The public library: a lifelong learning space


  • Planning and management of in-person and virtual library services, depending on different user types.
  • Explanation of best practices in public libraries located in communities with different characteristics.
  • Study of the involvement and collaboration of different social agents for development of public libraries.

Date: 5- 30 October 2009.

Aimed at professionals working in public libraries in Latin American countries.


Management internship in public libraries

Training internship which is carried out in a public library or in a public library service, aimed at learning about its organisation, services and management.

Aimed at public library directors and/or heads of projects or specific areas in the public library sector in their countries.

Date: 5 October to 30 October 2009.

Internships in:

  • Salamanca State Public Library,
  • Library Service. Barcelona Council,
  • Regional Library of Murcia,
  • Library of Andalusia.

Management internships at university libraries

Training internship in a university library to learn about its operation, services and information resources.

Aimed at university library professionals.

Date: 5 October to 30 October 2009.

Internships in:

  • Bibliographic and Document Information Service, Salto de línea Alicante University,
  • University Library,Salto de línea Complutense University of Madrid.Salto de línea