Introduction to the area of Cultural Co-operation

The Cultural Co-operation area is not just a group of activities with a common denominator - cultural exchange and collaboration - but rather it is also an essential instrument for cultural policy and, increasingly, the objective of that policy.

It is a horizontal area, complementary to the other areas of the Ministry in the dissemination and promotion of both the varied cultural heritage of Spain at international level and in the Autonomous Communities, and the culture of other countries in Spain, as well as the promotion of access to culture and revitalisation in the cultural creation processes.

These pages offer information on its structure, administrative processes and activities related to:

  • Cultural exchange.
  • Participation in international bodies.
  • Cultural action abroad.
  • Training programmes.
  • Cultural debate.
  • International agenda.

The content of these pages is complemented with information on:

  • Council of St James
  • Cultural Point of Contact
  • Institutional information
  • Legislation at national, regional, community and international levels
  • Agreements, with other ministries, with Autonomous Communities and with international bodies
  • Grants, aid and subsidies
  • Useful links