Exhibition La Nación Recobrada. La España de 1808 y Castilla y León

Poster for the Exhibition La Nación Recobrada. La España de 1808 y Castilla y León.

In Salamanca from 25 Sept to 16 Nov 2008 and in Valladolid from 10 Dec to 8 Jan 2009 Salto de línea

The Castilla y León region was rocked by the social and political events of the early 19th century, and played a vital role throughout the process of recovery which Spain experienced when the War ended and the new regime was installed. Salto de líneaSalto de líneaAfter a period marked by a historic upheaval, riots, the collapse of institutions, poverty and clashes with the French army, Castilla y León was able to recover its potential and it played an essential part in the reaction of Spanish troops, their British allies and the defenders of change. The battle of Arapiles is justifiably famous as one of the key events in the endgame of the French war, and the birth of political organisations such as the regional Juntas was a very significant sign of the new social spirit now abroad. Salto de líneaSalto de líneaIn social terms, the region was divided between the more conservative sector, faithful to traditional social structures and religion, and those who supported the new liberal ideals. In fact, Castilla y León took part with its congressmen in the drawing up of the Cádiz Constitution of 1812, demonstrating its involvement in the process of regeneration of the old, failing structures. Salto de líneaSalto de líneaThe programme of the exhibition is designed to explain, from the social, economic, cultural and military perspectives, how the region experienced the crisis of the old regime and the events which then took place. With this idea, the exhibition, organised by the Junta de Castilla y León, offers a wide-ranging catalogue of pieces brought together for the first time, from paintings to furniture, weapons, manuscripts and objects from the daily lives of ordinary people. Salto de líneaSalto de líneaThe exhibition opened in Salamanca, although it is scheduled to visit Valladolid at the end of the year. Salto de líneaSalto de líneaSalto de línea

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José Bonaparte, king of Naples and Spain (Robert Lefèvre). Oil on canvas, c. 1805-1806. 230 x 167 cm. LM 74766. Schweizerische Landesmuseen. Chair of the queen María Luisa de Parma (Antonio Durán y Calderón). Carpentry, cabinet-making, sculpture, gilding, metalwork, velvet, trimming and decoration. Height: 163 cm.; length: 100 cm.; width: 78 cm.; rods: 244 cm. N° Inv. 10008050. Patrimonio Nacional, antiguo Museo de Carruajes, Palacio Real de Madrid. Campaign chest decorated with the ducal coronet of Lord Wellington. Wood, silver, cloth, glass. 19th C. Closed: 36 x 28.5 x 35 cm. N° Inv. 1979/1/382. Museo Municipal de Historia de la Ciudad, Salamanca.Salto de líneaSalto de líneaSalto de línea

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