The intellectual property register

Must a work be registered in order to be protected? No. As the work is protected due to the mere fact of its creation, the registration in the Intellectual Property Register is voluntary. However, it is convenient to indicate the reservation of rights and the symbol © in the case of a work or service or the symbol ® in the case of phonograms.Salto de líneaSalto de líneaAnother advantage of registering in the Register, apart from providing qualified proof that the registered rights exist and belong to their holder, unless otherwise proved, is that of promoting registered rights.

How can I register a work or service?An application must be submitted to the Intellectual Property Register and a fee must be paid. An application model as well as the documentation that must be presented in each case is provided in the General Register of Intellectual Property.Salto de líneaLink to "The General Register of Intellectual Property"

Where is it registered? At any Territorial Register or, if they exist, its Delegated Offices, or in the Provincial Offices of the Central Register, if the author so wishes. The addresses of the offices of the General Register of Intellectual Property can be found under Addresses of InterestSalto de líneaLink to "Addresses of interest"

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