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Charter of services


Cerralbo Museum general catalogue

The Cerralbo Museum digital catalogue puts a large number of collections at everyone’s fingertips, along with their corresponding images, and it is expanding year by year.Salto de línea Salto de línea This catalogue is produced using the DOMUS software application, an integrated system of documentation, cataloguing and museum management of the cultural assets safeguarded by museums and art galleries, and developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Deputy Directorate-General of State Museums and Deputy Directorate-General of Technologies and Information Systems).Salto de línea Salto de línea The Cerralbo Museum catalogue is also part of the Digital Network of Spanish Museum Collections,


Digital network of Spanish museum Collections, CER.ES

Salto de línea CER.ES (Online Collections) is a joint online catalogue which compiles information on and images of the cultural assets that make up the collections of all the member museums of the Digital Network of Spanish Museum Collections. CER.ES enables you carry out general and advanced searches in all the museums and art galleries or in a selection made by the user.


Patrimonio en femenino (Woment¨s Heritage)

Salto de línea A set of electronic books and catalogues of various virtual exhibitions which analyse women’s presence and active participation throughout history from a gender perspective, by means of a tour through the collections of 30 Spanish museums and art galleries.


Sharing history. Arab Word Europe | 1815 1918

A digital catalogue, coordinated by Museum with No Frontiers (MWNF), which assembles the work of 22 countries of Europe, the Middle East and Arabia to exhibit over 3,000 objects organised into different subject areas.


Latin american collections of spanisch museums

Salto de línea A digital catalogue of carefully-selected pieces with Latin American themes or origins, which belong to 23 Spanish museums.Salto de línea Link to the Latin American Collections of Spanish Museums catalogue


101 Masterpieces. Science and art in the museums and libraries of Madrid

A digital catalogue of 101 selected objects, on show at various institutions in the Madrid Autonomous Region, which bear witness to how science and art come together.


Google art Project

Salto de línea A digital catalogue created by the Google Cultural Institute which shows a selection of the most emblematic pieces of the various participating museums, art galleries and institutions.


Portuguese Collections in Spanish Museums and art galleries

Salto de línea A digital catalogue which offers a selection of Portuguese pieces in Spanish museums and art galleries, and vice versa.