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Pintando en los jardines

The Museum creates different workshops related to concrete aspects of Art in general, and El Greco's paintings in particular, as well as calendar festivities.

Family workshops

With our activities the Museum tries to strenghten the bonds between people of different generations, specially between children and their families, as well as help communicate the values and insterests between the different generations. For these reason we prepare intergenerationa workshops for kids and their families.

Only in Spanish.

Information: actividadesculturales.mgreco@cultura.gob.ese-mail

Children workshops

The Museum also wants to be a space where children can learn, experiment and know history of art through their own experiences in an relaxed and informal setting.

Only in Spanish

Information: actividadesculturales.mgreco@cultura.gob.ese-mail


Educamuseo is the program for schools created by the Museum. We want to explain the figure of El Greco, his paintings and time to the students of the region, through visiting the Museum and participating in a workshop. This way the students will use their creativity and curiosity in order to learn. We offer different workshops to the schools, each one created for primary and/or secundary cycles. For more information please read the PDF. Workshops only available in Spanish.

Próximos talleres

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Familias con niños de 5 a 11 años. Hace falta reserva previa

Margarita Martes 30 y miércoles 31 de marzo Talleres

Campamento "Love Greco"

Para niños de 5 a 11 años. Hace falta reserva previa


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