Saucer (1676-1725)

Saucer Pulse para ampliar Saucer (1676-1725)

Faience: Glazed - Painted - Baked

Traditional saucer used as a platter at the table service, with one or more recipients for drinking on top. The existance of numerous circular holes indicates its use for six glasses or pottery recipients slotted in those holes so the glasses would not tip over. At the center, on top of the medallio, a jug could be placed.

Of note is the bird represented over a vegetable covered floor and surrounded by vegetation. These branches and leaves around flowers also appeared in china wares of the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century created to be sold in European markets. The drawings of three parallel branches with a flower or fruit at their sides is an iconographic motive used in Spain and derives from a Chinese design.