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San Bernardino

Group visits

Group visits will be booked at least 15 days before the booked date through the following forms:

More information

  • The Museum will send a confirmation with the date and time.
  • This confirmation must be presented at the ticket desk when visiting.
  • Due to concerns for the collection's security, each group will have a maximum of 30 people accompanied by someone responsible for the group.
  • No bookings can be made for saturdays after 14, sundays, or holidays.
  • Group visits with the Museum volunteers are not available.
  • The Museum will inform about exhibitions in progress a week before the visit.

Individual visit

You can buy museum tickets for individual visits for a maximum of 8 people.

Buying online is not available at the moment, we apologize for the inconveniences

More information:

  • Registry is neccessary and a minimum of personal and professional data must be given. This data will be used only for this purpose.
  • The receipt must be given at the ticket desk when visiting.
  • Individual visitors who benefit from free tickets must present their credentials for said free entry at the ticket desk.