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El Museo de hoy

The museum is a State institution directly managed by the Ministry, depending on the Direccion General de Bellas Artes and the Subdireccion General de Museos EstatalesNueva ventana.

On March 2011 the museum re-opened with a renewed venue and a new interpretation of its collections, respecting the past and committing strongly to the rigour and veracity of its exhibition and speech. The museum wanted to go beyond the historicist view of "El Greco's house", as well as favour the acceptance and comprehension of El Greco and the history of Toledo in the 17th century. In addition the remains of the old Jewish Quarters, housed in the museum, are shown, thus enhancing the value of the city's urban history.

The museum focuses its speech on the figure of El Greco and his influence in Toledo at the beginning of the 17th century. The new approach also pays homage to the figure of the Marquis of Vega-Inclan. The objective is to explain to our visitors that they are not in the "house" of El Greco, enhancing at the same time the value of the figure of the Marquis of Vega-Inclan, his role in the recovery of the Cretan artist and the foundation of the museum. His ideas determined our current location as well as the type of collections housed in the museum.

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