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With its own stamp

Temporary exhibitions

Altamira, rockart and philately

With its own stamp. Altamira, rockart and philately.
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The temporary exhibition With its own stamp shows a variety of postal documents on prehistory and more particularly on rockart. The transcendence and universal value of the cave of Altamira have place it in the philatelic scene at an early stage. A look at the stamps and postal documents dedicated to Altamira enable us to trace its history and relevance through its most relevant moments, from the discovery to the most recent ones related to the Museo de Altamira itself. But not only in Spain Altamira inspired stamps have been issued. With this exhibition we will discover that many countries have used Altamira as the image of in stamps issues. Finally, we’ll have a look at the stamps with rockart images of other sites also included in the List of World Heritage.


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