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Around the bonfire

Prehistory workshop

Around the bonfire
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The use of fire was an innovation that improved many aspects of prehistoric life, such as cooking food, perfecting tools or making stone lamps. This workshop shows us the natural materials and techniques used by hunter-gatherers to make fire in the Upper Paleolithic.

DATESSalto de línea 17 and 21 April, 5 May, 9 June.

SESSIONSSalto de línea 11:45 pm and 13:30 pm.

LENGTHSalto de línea 45 minutes.

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Free participation with the price of admission.Salto de línea Maximum of 25 people per session, places assigned in order of registration. Register at the cloakroom.Salto de línea During the activity museum staff may take photographs which will be used solely for educational and promotional purposes. Registration implies consent.Salto de línea This activity is carried out in Spanish.

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