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Restoration and research room

The Museum of Altamira offers researchers information and on-site viewing of the collections, archives and specialised library resources.

The museum facilities are open to researchers from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Requests should be submitted to the museum's Documentation Department for documentation collections: Salto de línea documentación.maltamira@mecd.ese-mail Salto de línea To the museum's Investigation Department for archaeological collections: Salto de línea investigacion.maltamira@mecd.ese-mail

Collection and/or Archive Items Consultation RequestZIP

In order to access items on loan from other institutions, researchers must first obtain permission from the owner. The Museum of Altamira will not provide access to such items until it receives express written authorisation from the owner, detailing the specific terms under which permission is granted.

Online accessSalto de línea A substantial part of the museum's collection has been digitised and made available in an online catalogue as part of the Digital Network of Spanish Museum Collections (

Catalogue of museum collectionsLink externoSalto de línea