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Permanent exhibition

A journey through the planet's cultural diversity
Exposición permanente del museo

The MNA has five rooms for its permanent exhibition. One, on the ground floor and called "Museum Origins", is a homage to the initial stage in its history, its foundation by Doctor González Velasco. The other four rooms give an overview of the culture of different peoples. So cultural similarities and differences joining and separating them are established to highlight the wealth and diversity of cultures in the world, encourage intercultural understanding and foment tolerance towards other peoples and cultures.

In this section of the website, we offer you three complementary resources so you can see the rooms' contents beforehand, to encourage you to visit them and have direct contact with the museum's collection and the panoramic view the view of the world's cultures offer, to help you prepare the visit, and even choose which parts of the tour or objects or cultures you are going to stop to look at.