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At your service...
Servicios al público

The museum ticket office is located in the entrance hallway. Here we welcome you and offer you all these services:

  • Museum’s Information Desk. We provide you with information on opening times, prices, season tickets, exhibitions, activities and cultural tours available in the Museum. Of course we will happily answer any queries you may have about the functioning of the museum and our scheduling.
  • Ticket office. Here you can purchase and pick up your season and entry tickets. You can pay in cash or with a bank card. We will soon be offering an online service. For your convenience, the prices, exemptions and season tickets available Link externo are displayed in separate charts next to the front desk.
  • Groups and bookings service. Here we welcome the school and non-school groups, as well as the participants in workshops and activities. We have lockers for storing the groups’ rucksacks and bags. Please ask for them.
  • Provision of support materials. At the ticket office we also provide pamphlets on various tours, the guide-plans Link externo of the museum and the materials for the games with clues and the minikids, and for taking part in “What did you like best about the museum” Link externo. Just ask for them.
  • Cloakroom. For reasons of security and comfort in the rooms Link externo as well as for your convenience, you must leave your rucksack, case or any bulky packages you have brought at the cloakroom. Also your umbrella and, if you have nowhere to keep them, bottles of water or similar. We’ll give you a numbered ticket and you’ll only need to remember collecting them before you leave.
  • Publications for Sale. The ticket office is also where you can purchase the museum’s publications and the catalogues of the exhibitions, which you’ll find displayed in a cabinet beside it. In this case, we only accept payment in cash.**
  • Wheelchairs. If you think you’re going to need a wheelchair during your visit, or a physical difficulty which makes using it advisable arises suddenly while you’re here, just ask for it, also at the museum’s welcome area. The entire public area is fully accessible Link externo.

Exhibition rooms

Once inside the museum - which you can get around by using either the stairs you’ll find in the entry hallway or the lift located in the central covered courtyard - we will be at your complete disposal. These are the facilities we offer in the museum’s public area:

  • Customer service team. You’ll find the people who make up our team spread discretely around the rooms in the museum. We can be easily found as we are clearly identified. We are at your service to provide you with support if necessary, help you to follow the rules of coexistence in the museum and assist you whenever needed. We’ll be delighted to serve you and help you enjoy your visit.
  • Toilets. You’ll find the ladies’ toilets on the second floor, at the landing of the stairs (America Room). And the gents’ at the landing of the stairs on the first floor (Africa Room). We also have an adapted toilet next to the temporary exhibition rooms on the ground floor.
  • Baby changing. If you need to change your baby, we have a changer at your disposal in both the ladies’ and gents’ toilets.
  • Rest areas. There are benches and chairs where you can recharge your batteries distributed throughout the museum . To be more specific, in the reception area itself, on the two landings of the staircase, in the central courtyard and in the Africa and America Rooms. In fine weather it’s also very pleasant to sit on the benches in the porch and in the museum’s small outdoor enclosure.

Servicios al público

Events room

The events room is in the museum’s basement, which was formerly the location of the building’s entrance and parking spaces for carriages. For this reason, it has a separate entrance on Paseo de la Infanta Isabel. There is space for 110 people, has its own ladies’ and gents’ toilets and is totally accessible.


The museum is equipped with all necessary systems to guarantee your safety. All the detectors and alarms are managed from a control centre attended 24 hours a day by safety professionals. And the people who work in the rooms have also been suitably trained to assist you in emergency situations. In fact, we carry out unannounced drills from time to time. If by chance there’s a drill during your visit, we apologise in advance for the inconvenience and we trust you’ll understand and cooperate. We need the drills to keep us well trained. It’s for your safety.

Charter of services

As with all state institutions, we have a charter of services through which we publically promise to provide these and other services according to certain conditions. You can download it here:

Charter of services PDF


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