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Programme of cultural and educational activities

Visitantes del museo contemplando una de las obras

We want you consider your museum tour like a visit to a welcoming space related to individual or family leisure activities and rewarding experiences.

That is why we propose a monthly series of cultural and educational activities for different ages.

Workshops, storytelling, concerts and treasure hunts are just some of the activities that we plan throughout the year.

We aim to:

• Generate cultural products that establish us as an interpretive centre.Salto de línea • Make the museum into a centre for formal and informal education.Salto de línea • Promote your participation in the construction of the museum.Salto de línea • Be a place of family leisure.Salto de línea • Be an accessible institution, which is both collective and participatory.Salto de línea • Be a meeting point for citizens.Salto de línea • Be for everyone.Salto de línea • Let children grow in our galleries, while having fun.Salto de línea • Let young people connect with the museum.Salto de línea • Let the elderly consider it as a space of leisure and learning.Salto de línea • Let people without academic backgrounds feel welcome and interested.Salto de línea • Meet the expectations of national and international tourists.