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1992 – 2006. The major renovation

The eighties, with the establishment of democracy, gave fresh impetus to museums in Spain thanks to the creation of a Ministry of Culture, the Spanish Historical Heritage Act, and Regulations regarding State-owned Museums.

In this context, the State took on a comprehensive reform of Museums, focusing on the acquisition of property, a growing availability of resources and technical equipment, the diffusion of education, and improving infrastructure.

The change began in 1982 with the reversion of the Palacio de Villena to the Ministry of Culture and the launch, in 1990, of the Master Plan that included the restoration of the Palace by architect F. Rodríguez Partearroyo (completed in 1998).

This allowed the Museum to have a properly equipped venue to exhibit the collection while the restoration of the College of San Gregorio – entrusted to the architectural team Nieto y Sobejano – took place. The work, begun in 2001 and completed in 2006, received the 2007 National Award for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.

Montaje del Museo Nacional de Escultura en el Palacio de Villena a finales de los años 90
Obras de reforma del Colegio de San Gregorio por los arquitectos Nieto Sobejano