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Graphic Reproductions

The National Museum of Sculpture provides images of its collections, spaces and facilities and also authorises images to be taken by external photographers.

The management of this is governed by the provisions of Resolution 13/2001 of 29 November (BOE 26 January) and any other applicable law.

General conditions

  • Any request for photographs of items from collections, and the spaces and facilities of the National Museum of Sculpture (hereinafter NMS), must be made by filling out the form. The NMS reserves the right to request any additional information deemed appropriate to approve the request.
  • The application will be approved or denied by the Management of the NMS.
  • The NMS grants reproduction rights only for the purpose stated in the application. Any other use must be expressly authorised.
  • The material, exclusively in a digital format, will be granted as a loan from the Museum which reserves the right to claim back the images.
  • During the reproduction process, the image may not be altered without the express permission of the NMS.
  • The applicant must submit a number of copies of the publication/recording in which the images from the Museum appear, and for each item or case, to the Library of NMS.
  • When the reproduction is of an item protected by copyright, the applicant shall bear the cost of its publication. The NMS is in no way responsible for these costs.
  • Every image provided by the NMS must contain the following credit line: © National Museum of Sculpture. Valladolid. The Museum will also provide the identification information of the image.
  • The applicant must read and accept these conditions, and be responsible for any improper use made of the image/s requested.

Specific research conditions

  • The request must be made to the Documentation Department by e-mail:Salto de línea e-mail
  • These conditions apply to requests made for: research, catalogues, scientific publications, etc.
  • If authorisation is granted for the photograph/s, the applicant must agree to offer the Museum a copy of it/them and of the highest quality possible.

Specific communication conditions

  • The request must be made to the Communication Department by e-mail: e-mail
  • These conditions apply to requests made by the following means of communication and diffusion: newspapers, non-scientific magazines, entertainment guides, tourist or travel guidebooks, television channels, radio stations, and websites.
  • The taking of videos is governed by the rules regarding the hiring of spaces.
  • The Communication Department will establish the conditions and date/s for the photographs to be taken or the videos to be made.