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The National Museum of Sculpture belongs to the State which is responsible for its direct management. Only 17 of the more than 1,000 estimated museums in Spain are of this nature.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has made a substantial financial investment in the Museum over the past three years amounting to a total of €17,123,624 for the restoration of the College of San Gregorio, and €1,170,708.29 for the restoration of the Casa del Sol (Church of San Benito el Viejo). The result is a modern museum adapted to the demands of the 21st century, unique in the autonomous region of Castile and León for its category of National Museum and one of the most singular cultural urban spaces in Spain.

The National Museum of Sculpture houses a very important, characteristic collection consisting of two parts: religious artworks in polychrome wood from the 13th to the 18th centuries, and its artistic copies from the 19th and 20th centuries originally from the former National Museum of Artistic Reproductions.

Our activities

The Museum defines itself by developing a critical and innovative reading of its collections, transcending its local and historical character to project it to a wider cultural universe adapted to contemporary sensibilities. This results in the Museum offering all kinds of activities: educational ones include lectures by renowned specialists, films, concerts, guided tours, small musical performances, and workshops for adults and children, and more ambitious activities such as: the International Meeting of Museums with Sculpture Collections y and the organization of at least one temporary exhibition a year in collaboration with major domestic and foreign museums (the National Gallery, London, the Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, the San Telmo Museum of San Sebastian, and the National Gallery of Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Since it reopened in 2009, the work the Museum has done with regard to publications has resulted in up to a dozen books, which includes the catalogue of its permanent collection

Important actions

Highlights include collaborations for temporary exhibitions with museums such as the National Gallery in London (Exhibition: 'The Sacred Made Real', 2010) and the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon (Exhibition: 'Portuguese Primitives. The Golden Century of Portuguese Painting 1450 1550', 2011) and, since 2009, 24 major loans for temporary exhibitions in London, Washington, Indianapolis, Mexico, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris and Barcelona. The last and most outstanding in 2013 have been to Florence (the Uffizi Gallery) and Assisi.

Experts from other museums such as the V&A in London, the Louvre in Paris, la Galleria Borghese in Rome and the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich took part in the 1st European Meeting of Museums with Sculpture Collections. Following the incorporation of a national collection of artistic reproductions to the Museum, this meeting, devoted to copies, was held again in 2013 with interventions by professionals from universities, companies and museums such as the Bode in Berlin and the Skulpturhalle in Basel. Held every two years, the next meeting will take place in February 2015.

The Museum receives patronage through its Association of Friends. Among the most important recent initiatives is the patronage by the Orange Foundation to improve accessibility for people with impaired hearing via a project involving a number of state museums, and the patronage of the catalogue for the temporary exhibition 'Portuguese Primitives' by the company Europac. The latest project created and funded by patronage was a multimedia project for the Casa del Sol by the Telefónica Foundation.


Total Surface Area: 16.818 m²

Buildings: 5

  • College of San Gregorio: 7.510 m²
  • Chapel of the College of San Gregorio: 329 m²
  • Villena Palace: 6.245 m²
  • Casa del Sol ['The House of the Sun'] 1.988 m²
  • Church of San Benito el Viejo 746 m²


If you are planning to hold an event, the Museum can offer you the following spaces:

  • Courtyard of the College of San Gregorio (740 m²) Holds 370 people
  • Courtyard of the Villena Palace (305 m²) Holds 200 people
  • Chapel of the College of San Gregorio (299 m²) Holds 150 people
  • Conference room (140 m²) Holds 90 people
  • Temporary exhibition rooms (449 m²) Holds 250 people
  • Garden (1000 m²) Holds 700 people

Visitors received

2010: 136.510 visitorsSalto de línea 2011: 139.046 visitorsSalto de línea 2012: 145.606 visitorsSalto de línea 2013: 132,610 visitorsSalto de línea 2014: 137,99 visitorsSalto de línea 2015: 160,686 visitors


The Museum is constantly present on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Tripadvisor) and has completely redesigned its website to make it more accessible and visually attractive. It offers increasingly rich and diverse content, has expanded the international presence of the Museum and provided it with a special place on the cultural landscape.

Sending monthly e-mails to 5,000 contacts has had a significant impact on the media resulting in 2,153 appearances in 2015. Website number of visitors in 2015: 78,354. Social media number of followers: 17,368.

The Museum has been distinguished as one of the five most transparent museums in Spain in a study conducted by the Fundación Compromiso Empresarial (Business Commitment Foundation).


Law 49/2002 on the taxation of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage provides a deduction of 35% for corporation tax on initiatives such as:

Gifts or donations of property to form part of Spanish Historical Heritage and whose quality is guaranteed or is registered in the BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) General Register or included in the general inventory referred to in Law 16/85 for matters concerning Spanish Historical Heritage.

For more information please visit the website of the Ministry of Culture.

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