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Holy Week <i>Pasos</i>

Sala temática de pasos procesionales

The Holy Week pasos meet the most characteristic of the baroque religiosity and of the theatricality manifested in an intense expression of feelings. Its main element was the "paso", a group of figures placed on a platform that portray scenes from the Passion, like a melodrama at its turning point. First made in ephemeral materials, soon sculptures in polychrome wood became widespread, with glass or ivory inserts, commissioned by confraternities to renowned artists: Francisco Rincón, Gregorio Fernández and Andrés Solanes.

The tradition of “procesionar” (when the image of a saint is carried through the streets) was extinguished in the 18th century due to the advance of secularization, being relegated to oblivion, until it was recovered by the Church in 1920.

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