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15th Century

Vista de la sala 1

Since the 15th century, the European art is influenced by a new idea of man and world. It is a transitional period which comes from Gothic and, at the same time, it is a novelty time which announces the Renaissance.

The art of religious theme echoed the need for a more subjective spirituality and invents a new language, closer to human reality, exalting and explores the underworld.

The new oil painting technique allows the transcription of the most exact details of things and beings. Artists begin to have prestige and own name. They come to a Castille full of vitality, from the most active European workshops, like Flanders, Burgundy, Swabia and Bohemia. Together with them are the Hispanic artists that dominate the Flemish resources and who, like Pedro Berruguete, introduce the first works of the Italian Quattrocento.

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