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Multicultural Lab "Francisco Márquez Villanueva"

This is the newest Museum ´s event. According to Márquez Villanueva, “the mudéjar style and convivence model include all minorities”.

We rescue every year the lost voices of these referred cultural minorities: Moorish, Jewish, Exiled, Converts. We say a Word in the 21 Century Toledo in order to become a new city of minorities and the city of freedom.

Lab in 2017-2018: "Voices of Slaves"


Lectures and talks based on multicultural dialogue and minorities through the history of Mediterranean countries.

Take a look to the best ideas:

Multicultural Lab on Youtube Video

Libro de conjuros moriscos Pulse para ampliar

“The island of voices”. Lecture´s programme (2018-2019)

Tuesday, 30 April 2019.

19:00 pm

Bernabé López García

Real Fundación Toledo (conference hall)

Lecture: “Judíos y tangerinos, ¿una especie en extinción?”

El laboratorio en Youtube
Puedes echar un vistazo a algunas sesiones pasadas de debate en el Canal de Youtube del Laboratorio