The Museum

North Patio

The Sephardic Museum was created under the 1964 Decree, which placed it in the most important Hispanic-Jewish building in Spain: the Synagogue of Samuel ha-Levi, or the Synagogue of Transit, located in the ancient Jewish quarter in Toledo.

The Museum´s halls were originally the ancient Archive of the Calatrava military order:

  • I.- Jewish in Ancient East. Judaism as a way of life.
  • II.- Jewish at Roman and Visigotic times. Jewish in al-Andalus.
  • III. Jewish in Catholic Kingdoms. Recent archeological discoveries in the Jewish quarters.
  • North Patio or Garden of Memory
  • East Patio. Archeological remains.
  • IV y V.- Women´s Gallery. The cycle of life. Festivals. (first floor)
  • Multimedia zone and bookshop (close to the exit)

The rooms of the museum now occupy the spaces of the ancient archives of the military orders of Calatrava and of Alcántara. Now, it’s a state museum that preserves and conveys the Hispanic-Jewish and Sephardic legacy, organizationally located under the General Department of State Museums of Education, Culture and Sports .

Museum´s guide (online)