Museum´s History

Women´s Gallery

Talking about Museum`s origins means talking about Marquis of La Vega-Inclán. He was the the first Spanish authorized Tourism Chief Department and he did the first restoration in 1887, opening the synagogue to the public at first time.

Having been oficially created in 1964, the museum was again restored in order to manage with new needs. These works were run by the architect Manuel González Valcárcel, who was given advised by Mª Elena Gómez Moreno.

After 1969, the synagogue Split with Vega-Inclán Foundation, turning into an independent institution of the State Museums.

In June of 1971 the current museum reopened its doors to all visitors. It was placed in the halls of the former Archive owned to Calatrava Order in XV Century.

Since then, museography have been evolving throughout several restoration works. Last step has been done between 2011-2015. It has been based on the adaptation of the permanent exhibition for disabled people and the cleaning process of the Great Prayer Hall´s walls.