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Corporate Social Responsibility of Sephardic Museum

Corporate Social Responsibility of Sephardic Museum

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The museum purpose is based on preserving the Jewish and Sephardic legacy in Spain and its collection leads to play an important role in the National Cultural Heritage. Opossed to alarmist theories about multiculturalism risks, our museum fights for the defense of tolerance and peace principles in all its cultural programmes and its multicultural past, where some civilizations and cultures coexisted together.

We work in order to make more accessible these principles to all our audiences. For that reason, the museum designs specific proposes to people with different necessities (sensitive and intellectual ones) and also for general public, as our training course “Los Lunes al Sol”. The main purpose is to recuperate the old mudejar convivence statute of Toledo, which allowed a minimum coexistence between Christians, Muslims and Jews, to bring up these traditions and lessons to our XXI Century and the current confrontation of civilizations, in order to give examples of democracy, tolerance and multiculturalism as basis for a more equal world.

One of our principal tasks is tourism, as we can read in our audience reports, and we intend to make cultural tourism as economic, social, resource to enrich our cultural institution. The priority is not consumerism but reinforce the alliance between culture and tourism.

In order to fulfill our main goals, we selected a dual action: on one hand, we use SICTED as principal methodology to carry out our progresses. On the other hand, we create specific resources to develop our activities: multicultural lab “Francisco Márquez Villanueva” which studies the past from an open perspective trying to recuperate marginalized history, the Observatory for Peace and Tolerance “Gregorio Marañón” to analyze the main problems of our society with regards to social convivence and Contemporary workshop “Yehuda ha Leví” which promotes contemporary creative processes (literature, art).

Finally, we have to thank our Friendship Association which makes possible most of our cultural activities showed in “100 años no es nada”, our cultural agenda.


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