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Library and researchers

Sephardic Museum´s library consists in more than 15.000 books, which deals with museum´s collections and Toledo history. Moreover, we preserve books about museological fields.

This museum has one of the most important Hebrew books collections and Hispanic hebrew documents. Since our foundation as Hebraic Centre of Studies, the museum is preserving books from XV until XX century.

More info: Salto de línea

Library exchanges:Salto de línea We usually exchange books with other cultural and museum libraries.Salto de línea Salto de línea Museum´s Libraries (BIMUS) Salto de línea European Digital Library: Judaica Europeana Salto de línea

Specialised libraries websites:

Loan for pictures (for catalogues, digital copies, research projects.)

Orden CUL/1077/2011, de 25 de abril (More info, Spanish)

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