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Workshops for people with vision disabilities

November 25th, 2017

Talleres para personas con discapacidad

V bobbin lace making workshop for people with vision disabilities

For a first contact with this traditional craft, each participant will create a small object with the help of a monitor.

In addition to offering an idea of how bobbin lace making works, the aim of this workshop is to bring Museo awareness closer to people with vision disabilities so that they feel it is a place for all in which they can participate, enjoy and contribute.

This activity forms part of one of the strategic lines established under the Plan Museos+Sociales of the Subdirección General de Museos Estatales, in pursuit of integration and accessibility for citizens with special needs.

Date: November 25th, 2017Salto de línea Time: 11:00Salto de línea Where: LibrarySalto de línea Aimed at: people with vision disabilitiesSalto de línea Free admittance with previous reservation

Information and registrations:Salto de línea Via email sent to e-mail

Línea horizontal

Information:Salto de línea 91 550 55 95 (Monday - Friday / 10:00 - 15:00)


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