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Surgeon´s son

Retrato de Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes was born at Alcalá de Henares, to Rodrigo de Cervantes, a surgeon, and Leonor Cortinas. His brothers: Andrés, Andrea, Luisa, Rodrigo, Magdalena and Juan.

The family moved to Valladolid, city on progress, which provides to Rodrigo the chance to prosper. With their expectations broken in Valladolid, they moved back to Alcalá and no later to Cordoba, where Miguel started his studies (probably with the Jesuits) and his interest for the drama. Probably he also started to know the world of meandering, crime and prostitution, centre of the genre known as “picaresque”.

They moved again, now to Seville, a big and thriving city, but also full of people who lived by begging, temporary jobs and prostitution or even by cheating and stealingSalto de línea Miguel began his literary career, at the same time as his studies at López de Hoyos Academy.Salto de línea