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Su estatua

In 1876 the Cervantes scholar Mariano Pérez Mínguez started a public subscription to erect a statue to Cervantes, which was made by the sculptor Nicolás Fernández de la Oliva and inaugurated on 29 September 1877 in what was at that time called the Campillo del Rastro.Salto de línea The figure of the writer was placed on a pedestal, making use of the disused fountain of La Rinconada, and four reliefs by Pablo Santos de Berasategui were arranged on it as well as four marble busts, also reused.Salto de línea In 1889, as a result of the remodelling work carried out in the area of the River Esgueva and calle Miguel Iscar, an agreement was reached to move the monument to the Plaza de la Universidad, and another pedestal was built, simpler this time and without the reliefs with the episodes from Cervantes, which are now conserved in the Museo Casa de Cervantes.Salto de línea