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A Museum looking for a place


History of the building

Salto de línea In 1943 the project to create a building for the Museum of America was assigned to the architects Luis Moya and Luis Martinez Feduchi. The work started that same year and was finished on 1954.

Salto de línea The new building followed the ideas of the founding decree that aimed to show the missionary and civilizing work of Spain in America. That’s the reason the project was conceived in a historicist and neo-colonial style, with an arch on its front, a tower that remembers the baroque American churches and a conventual layout. This arrangement can be appreciated in the exhibition rooms which are located around a central cloister. However, some parts of the project weren’t built, such as the north corner that was supposed to look like a church.Salto de línea

The Museum's building

Crossed vaults

Did you know ...?Salto de línea Tons of bricks! ... even in the vaults!!!Salto de línea Luis Moya was also the architect who designed the University of Gijon, which is the biggest building in Spain.


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