Itinerary of the Camino Primitivo (Original Way)

Mapa recorrido Camino Primitivo

The current route reproduces the way used by Alfonso II, King of Asturias. It left the city of Oviedo, seat of the royal court of Asturias in its day, and ran westwards across the lands of Grado, Salas, Tineo, Allande and Grandas de Salime. Then, after leaving the well-known pass of Alto de Acebo, the route entered Galicia through the region of A Fonsagrada, and began a gentle descent that took it through the historical city of Lugo and the town of Palas del Rei where, only three days away from Santiago de Compostela, it joined the Camino Francés (French Way).

The Camino Primitivo is an overland route of outstanding beauty and exceptional cultural heritage which combines traditional Asturian and Galician folk architecture with such important monuments as the cathedrals of Oviedo, Lugo and Santiago, and monasteries such as those at Cornellana and Obona, and the Roman Walls of Lugo.


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