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Consejo Jacobeo educational resources

The Consejo Jacobeo is aware of the importance of education in cultural heritage as a strategy for the preventive conservation of a cultural asset that is as complex and rich as that of the Camino de Santiago. For this purpose, it aims to facilitate work in the classroom by offering access to resources on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Camino de Santiago that contributes to conveying its cultural value and the importance of its protection and preservation.

SECONDARY EDUCATION: Your Camino de Santiago. Heritage of all

With the aim of promoting knowledge of the cultural heritage related to the Camino de Santiago among young people aged 12–16 and to motivate them to reflect on the importance of conserving it, in 2017–2018, the Consejo Jacobeo implemented a project inviting schools and students to create works of art (comics, photos or videos) to capture the cultural heritage linked to the Camino de Santiago in their environments.

The resulting creative projects were exhibited at the headquarters of the ABANCA Centre for Social Projects in Santiago de Compostela, from 15 June to 15 September 2018.

Video of the temporary exhibition «Tu Camino de Santiago. Patrimonio de todos»

In the following links you can view the educational worksheets developed as supporting materials for teachers to work with students on different topics and using different approaches to teach about the Camino de Santiago:

Fichas para docentes
Fichas para docentes
Fichas para docentes
Fichas para docentes

PRIMARY EDUCATION: Sophie on the Pilgrimage of Santiago

“Sophie en el Camino” Nueva ventana(Sophie on the Pilgrimage of Santiago) is an interactive, digital publication for Key Stage 2 and 3 Primary Education pupils. It has been created by the Jacobean Council Secretariat (Ministry of Culture and Sports) and OQO Publications, with the collaboration of the Xunta of Galicia, and the Regional Governments of La Rioja, Aragon, Navarra and Castilla y León. It is designed to introduce the Pilgrimage of Santiago in schools and increase pupils’ awareness regarding the great heritage, ecological and cultural wealth it offers. It is accompanied by a Teachers’ Book with information on each stage of the pilgrimage and suggested activities to be undertaken in class. "Sophie on the Pilgrimage of Santiago" has also a Galician version, created by Xunta of Galicia and OQO Publications.

“Cuaderno de Fabio” (Fabio’s Notebook) tells the tale of Fabio who is another pilgrim, who starts the Camino at Roncesvalles, joining Sophie at the fourth stage. They continue together until Santiago de Compostela.

This educational resource is also available on the Ministry’s EducaLAB Nueva ventanaportal.


Un camino que cuenta (A Way Told)

This compilation of folk tales told on the Camino de Santiago for centuries was published by the State-Owned Company for Cultural Commemorations in order to mark the 2010 Jacobean Year and was distributed in hostels along the Camino de Santiago. It is now being offered as a digital publication.

Encaminarte (Setting Out)

This lesson plan, created by Ana Belén Mallor and Iñaki Garate from the Compañía de María School in Zaragoza, consists of a game designed for students in year 2 of secondary education on the cultural, social and artistic aspects of the Camino de Santiago and encourages creativity and integration of all students via the game.


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