Introduction to archive management in the Ministry

The Ministry, as part of the Spanish Central Administration, is responsible for protecting, and growing Spain's Historical Heritage and transferring it to future generations.

To carry out these functions, it has at its disposal:

Office of State Archives. This is the management body of the General Department of Books, Archives and Libraries and is responsible for designing, managing and co-ordinating the custody, conservation and dissemination of the Documentary Heritage. It also manages the network of archives and centres which are subordinate to the Ministry of Culture.

The Office comprises the following bodies:

  • Archives High Commission. This is responsible for researching, conserving, enriching, protecting and promoting documentary heritage assts and archives.
  • High Commission for Administrative Documents Classification. Responsible for decision making on the preservation and use of the Spanish Central Administration's documents.

It also participates in professional organisations such as the:

  • General Archive of the Indies Trust; Trust of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon:Trust of the General Archive of Simancas and Documentary Centre of Historical Memory Trust. They are responsible for executing, monitoring and tracking the plans, programmes and activities of these archives.

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