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Contents: Printed works (15th-20th century)Salto de línea Bibliographical records: 1.289.712Salto de línea Records of copies: 3,650,296Salto de línea Libraries included: 873Salto de línea Date updated: 28-11-2022

This Catalogue describes and locates books and other bibliographic resources belonging to Spanish libraries, both public and private, which, due to their age, singularity or wealth form part of Spanish Historic Heritage.

This Catalogue complies with the Spanish Historic Heritage Act 16/1985. It is created jointly by the Ministry of Culture (General Department of Books, Archives and Libraries) and each of the Autonomous Communities.

The Autonomous Communities participate by virtue of agreements with the Ministry. The initial year of signing the co-operation agreements for each Autonomous Community is as follows: Andalusia 1989, Aragon 1989, Asturias 1988, Balearic Islands 1992, Canary Islands 1989, Cantabria 1997, Castilla-La Mancha 1993, Castilla-Leon 1989, Catalonia 1990, Valencia 1989, Extremadura 1997, Galicia 1989, La Rioja 1997, Madrid 1990, Murcia 1989, Navarre 1996 and the Basque Country 1994.

The Catálogo Colectivo de Patrimonio Bibliográfico Español [Spanish Bibliographical Heritage Joint Catalogue] project is in a development phase and is continuously expanding and being refined.

At present, most of the records describe different editions of printed works from the 15th to the 20th century (up to 1958), as well as specific copies of these editions found in Spanish libraries. Other bibliographic material is now also being included (manuscripts, sheet music, etc.)

Most of the records are created with the copies at hand. Others are based on information obtained from library or publication catalogues: General catalogue of incunabula in Spanish libraries, Madrid, General Department of Books and Libraries, 1989-1990.

Descubre el Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico

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