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Introduction to the Film and Audio-visual area

The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts [Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales] (ICAA) is an independent body ascribed to the Secretary of State for Culture, which programmes policies to support the film industry and audiovisual production.

The Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute (ICAA) is responsible for films and the world of audiovisuals in Spain, their management, functioning, awards, legislation, agreements, grants and subsidies, etc.

These pages explain the administrative procedures and provide information about the services offered and show the reality of the film sector.

The sections comprising the film and audio-visual content for enthusiasts, students and professionals are:

  • The film industry, including descriptions of administrative processes necessary to function in this industry.
  • Spanish Film Archive, providing information about this institution, its history, resources and services, and a listing of its activities and, in particular, information about the Cine Doré.
  • Cinema news, which offers information on the most-viewed films, new releases, film-shooting, rated films...
  • Tools such as the Spanish Film Yearbook and the film database.
  • Information about Spanish and international festivals, awards, statistics, legislation, agreements, grants, aid and subsidies, etc.


  • To encourage, promote and arrange Spain’s cinematographic and audiovisual activities in its three facets: production, distribution and viewing.
  • To recover, restore, preserve, research and disseminate cinematographic heritage.
  • To help train professionals in various cinematographic specialties.
  • To hold relations with international and foreign bodies and institutions, with a similar object.
  • To cooperate with Autonomous Communities in cinematography and audiovisual arts.


  • To encourage creativity, increase production and favour the distribution of Spanish productions.
  • To reach an acceptable share on the domestic market to facilitate the maintenance of the entire Spanish film industry.
  • To improve corporate competence and incentivise the application of new technologies.
  • To promote the foreign projection of Spanish cinematography and audiovisual arts.
  • To safeguard and disseminate Spain’s cinematographic heritage.
  • To boost cultural communications amongst Autonomous Communities in relation to cinematography and audiovisual arts.

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