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Application for obtaining Spanish nationality for films

What is this for: certificate of Spanish nationality of cinematographic films and other audio visual works referred to in article 5 of Law 55/2007 of 28 December on Cinema.

Applicants: production and distribution companies.

Initiating the process: on request of the interested party

When to apply: This can be requested at any time once production of the audio-visual or cinematographic work has finished. However, in the case of films, the request must be presented at the same time as the request for age-group classification, and in the case of television series, a request must be made for each separate series (or season) of programmes for which the applicant must specify the number of episodes which make up the total. Audio-visual works (series) that, in accordance with the law, are subject to self-regulation are therefore exempt from classification by ICAA.

Where to apply: on the website of the State Secretariat for Culture Sede, in the General Registry of this Ministry or where indicated in article 16.4 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October on the Common Administrative Procedure for Public Administrations.

Who decides: General Directorate of the Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual ArtsSalto de línea How long does it take: maximum one month from presentation of the application.In the case of television series comprising more than 20 episodes, within two months. Once the aforementioned period has elapsed without an explicit resolution, the classification proposed by the applicant shall be understood to have been granted.

Appeals: Applicant can appeal directly to the Ministry and also through the Courts.


Documentation to present:

  • Technical-artistic data sheet of the film, stating the nationality of the technical creative staff, as well as the other technical personnel.
  • Filming locations. If filming has taken place outside the European Union, it must be motivated by the requirements of the script.
  • Laboratories and post-production studios that have played a role in the production.
  • Original version of the production.

If the company is not registered in the Administrative Register of Cinematographic and Audio-visual Companies, the following documentation:

If the applicant is a legal entity:

  • Authorisation for ICAA to obtain the justification of the registration in the register of Businesses, Professionals & Withholders.
  • In the case where express authorisation is not granted: proof of said document.
  • If a trade name, mark or label is used, accreditation of its registration in accordance with the regulations governing industrial property.
  • Photocopy of the fiscal identity card.
  • Photocopy of the deed of incorporation in the public registry or, where appropriate, certification issued by the holder of the public registry in where registered.
  • Documentation accrediting legal representation and capacity act with power of attorney.

If the applicant is a Physical person:

  • Authorisation for ICAA to obtain proof of inscription in the Register of Businesses, Professionals & Withholders
  • If no such authorisation is give, the then proof of said document.
  • If a trade name, mark or label is used, accreditation of its registration in accordance with the regulations governing industrial property.
  • Authorisation so that your personal data can be consulted by the instructing body through the Identity Data Verification System.
  • In the absence of such express authorisation: a photocopy of the National Identity Document or Spanish Foreigners’ Identity document or equivalent card.

Instructions and forms:


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