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Market Programme: New Spanish Bloody Shorts

New Spanish Bloody Shorts

Get your hands on these seven wonders of the most recent horror-fantasy-thriller Spanish short film badge! Partners coming back as clones for closure, strange disappearances and strange re-appearances, non washable blood stains, a distopical futuristic approach to human stupidity, the claustrophobia of an impossible scape, and the portrait of a European ‘dame’ of fantastic-horror. Feel the goosebumps with these New Spanish Bloody Shorts!

The Following YearSalto de línea

The Following Year. Miguel Campaña, 2020.

Miguel Campaña, 2020. Salto de línea English (Spanish, English subtitles) 22’40’’

The day of his anniversary, a widow farmer receives a clone of the woman he lost years ago under tragic circumstances. The chance he never had to say farewell. What happened between them? How far is he willing to go in order to find closure?

DanaSalto de línea

Lucía Forner, 2020. Salto de línea Spanish (English subtitles). 18’

After being mugged one night, Diana decides that something has to change.

You Will Never Be Back

No podrás volver nunca

Mónica Mateo, 2020. Salto de línea Spanish (English subtitles). 14’

Ana and David say goodbye like any other day. She has plans, but she won’t be back late. However, something extraordinary takes place; something that alters their reality and changes it all completely.

La Dama del Fantaterror

La Dama del Fantaterror. Diego López-Fernández, 2020.

Diego López-Fernández, 2020. Salto de línea Spanish (English subtitles). 15’

In 1954, with an already promising track record on stage, Helga Liné debuted in Spain’s theatre scene. From the 60s and on, the German actress lived a blooming career in cinema. Peplum, thriller, spaghetti western, eurospy, adventure and horror movies.


Carlos Gómez-Trigo, 2020. Salto de línea French (English, French, Italian, Spanish subtitles). 06’30’’

Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?


Roger Villarroya, 2020. Salto de línea No dialogue. 5’

A man washes his hands.



Recognize. Isaac Fluxà Moreno, 2021.

Isaac Fluxà Moreno, 2021. Salto de línea Spanish (English subtitles). 16’

A boy arrives by the night at a family’s house asking for help after having had an accident on a mountain road.


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