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Summer course "Cultural industries and creating value"

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP). Palacio La Magdalena, Santander, 20-24 July 2009. Organised by the Ministry of Culture

The concept of cultural industries has become widely accepted over the last few years, both in the most developed nations and in supranational institutions. Whether for the links it implies between the social and economic objectives of culture, or the transverse nature of its activities and processes, which can only be seen properly from a systemic perspective.

At the moment cultural industries are attracting plenty of interest providing creativity, competitiveness, the link between the industrial and service activities, and of course maintaining their social and cultural features.

And hence the relevance of the "state of cultural industries", which this course sets out to address under the theme of value creation. Value creation, be it tangible or intangible, has to be seen and appreciated by all the interest groups and institutional, social and economic groups that participate in culture. Without this value creation, and in the interests of such well-used resources and the difficulty in measuring their many activities, cultural industries could lose a significant part of the intersectorial, transversal and socio-economic creativity attraction that has been the reason for their emergence up to now.

The course sessions will include talks and round tables on different aspects of the sector, such as public policies for cultural industries; promoting and exporting cultural assets; creative companies, technological research and innovation; the digital age, new technologies and their impact on the cultural industry; public and private financing of culture; seed capital and risk capital for financing culture; cultural tourism; new kinds of cultural industries and the synergies between global and local perspectives.

Most of the speakers who will be participating on the course have already been confirmed. They include Salvador Ordóñez, Vice-chancellor of the UIMP; Guillermo Corral Van Damme, Director General of Policy and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture; Maribel Serrano, Director General of SEACEX, the state company for overseas cultural action; Jaime Montalvo, Director General of Promotion from the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX); Carlos Mulas-Granados, Senior Lecturer of Applied Economics at the UCM and ICEI researcher; Santos Miguel Ruesga, Corporación Radio Televisión Española Governing Board; Rafael de Ramón Burgos, Director of e-culture; Francisco Galindo, Director of the Autor Foundation; Albert Colomer, Red Española de Business Angels Foundation; Águeda Esteban, Head of Marketing at the Universidad Castilla La Mancha and Director of the Master's Course in Cultural Management at the Instituto Ortega y Gasset; Inmaculada Turbau, Director of the Casa de América; José Manuel Gomez Bravo, Vice-chairman of the Fundación Instituto de Cultura del Sur and Intellectual Property Manager of Grupo Prisa; Xaver Marcé, Director of Expansión de Focus.

The course is run by Mónica Melle Hernández, Assistant Director General for the Promotion of Cultural Industries and Foundations and Patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

The programme will be published soon and the registration period opened. Registration should be made via the web page of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo.


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