Events, conferences and symposiums for cultural industries

1st Cultural Industries Forum

8 and 9 May 2009. Cuenca, Book fair, Reading and Cultural Industries, Castilla-La Mancha.

The Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Junta de Comunidades of Castilla-La Mancha, is organising the 1st Cultural Industries Forum in Cuenca. The sessions will take place over the 8th and 9th of May 2009, with the participation of well-known specialists on the subject, as well as technical managers from different sectors of Cultural Industries. The aim of the Forum is to discuss and communicate cultural industry experiences in Spain and internationally.

The Ministry of Culture, through the General Department for Cultural Policy and Industries, has launched a Plan to Promote Cultural Industries 2009, consisting of various measures to promote culture from a perspective which views it as a productive sector of the economy. Through the public subsidies covered in this Plan, the Ministry intends to make the sector more dynamic, and to launch initiatives to counteract the negative effects of the financial crisis on cultural enterprises.

The cultural industries sector represents 4% of our GDP, employs nearly 800,000 workers and generates spillover effects in many other sectors of the Spanish economy, especially in the field of information technologies, media, innovation and tourism.

The industry now includes new sectors closely connected to innovation and creativity, such as: the industries providing digital and audiovisual content for leisure, new creative multimedia genres, design, fashion and architecture, as well as more traditional sectors: film, the audiovisual arts, publishing, the performing arts, painting, sculpture, photography and music.

The cultural industries consist of a network of small companies, with little management experience and poor internationalisation; these factors make it more difficult to obtain resources for financing projects, largely due to the fact that the assets are produced are intangible and difficult to value in economic terms. Salto de línea


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